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iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018: A journalist’s first impressions

Monday, 12 November 2018, 9:27 am | Digitl

Three days in to using the latest Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro as my main computer I canned plans to buy a 2018 MacBook Air. More >>

Logitech Slim Combo iPad Pro keyboard review

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:31 am | Digitl

Logitech's Slim Combo for iPad Pro keyboard is a mixed bag. Its good points are excellent. Its less good features are, well, disappointing. More >>

Ultra Hub Plus: Vodafone 4G wireless while you wait for fibr

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:24 am | Digitl

New customers signing for Vodafone's home fibre plans can get an Ultra Hub Plus modem as part of the deal . This means they get a connection on the carrier's mobile network straight away. Lucky customers will connect via 4G. Less fortunate ones may have ... More >>

D-Link Covr review: fails to fix Wi-Fi woes

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:13 am | Digitl

D-Link's NZ$600 Covr attempts to help home users fill Wi-Fi blackspots. I say attempts because the results are hit and miss. Most of the time it misses. More >>

EliteBook x360 review: secure, tiny business convertible

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:08 am | Digitl

HP's EliteBook x360 1030 G3 is a premium business convertible laptop. It's the kind of upmarket laptop a big company employer might hand you if they think you need portability and flexibility. More >>

Oppo's wacky $2400 Lamborghini Android phone

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:03 am | Digitl

Phone maker Oppo has struck an exclusive deal with 2degrees for a NZ$2400 Lamborghini-branded Android phone. It is this seasons' most expensive Android phone; at least in New Zealand. More >>

Oppo Find X review: Pricey pop-up camera phone

Sunday, 23 September 2018, 11:00 am | Digitl

A pop-up camera sets the Oppo Find X from the premium phone pack, it's nice, but expensive for an Android. As the review says, it is not for everyone. More >>

Premium phone price rise well ahead of inflation

Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 7:05 pm | Digitl

This year a lot of people will pay NZ$2000 or more for a phone. More >>

Football deal highlights Spark Sky TV threat

Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 6:56 pm | Digitl

It's no coincidence Sky TV reported a $240 million loss days after Spark won the Premier League Football rights. A thread connects the two news stories. More >>

Acronis True Image 2019: Serious backup updated

Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 6:53 pm | Digitl

Acronis says True Image 2019 provides set and forget protection. Going by my experience with the 2018 version, I can verify this. The last time I checked the older edition of the software was in May. I know this date is correct because that's when I swapped ... More >>

Dragon Anywhere: Impressive, pricey iPhone dictation

Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 6:50 pm | Digitl

Dragon Anywhere is the iOS version of Nuance's Dragon speech recognition software . It's a powerful dictation application that can transform how you work. More >>

Galaxy Note 9 offers longer life, bigger screen

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 1:29 pm | Digitl

Galaxy Note 9 is now Samsung's most important phone. It matters because lacklustre Galaxy S9 sales mean falling revenues. A successful Note launch could help reverse that. Two days before the launch I wrote that the Galaxy Note 9 had better be good ... More >>

5G mobile challenge for New Zealand carriers

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 1:19 pm | Digitl

New Zealand's mobile carriers are keen to talk about 5G mobile. Telecommunications equipment makers are even keener to talk about it. They have more to gain in the short term. It's possible they have more to gain in the long term too. More >>

Oppo R15 Pro review: An Android chasing the iPhone

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 12:47 pm | Digitl

Android phone makers often borrow ideas from Apple. Oppo takes this further than its rivals. Oppo’s need to emulate Apple runs through Its phones like Blackpool through a stick of English seaside rock. More >>

Best phones 2018: Handsets to consider

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 12:46 pm | Digitl

This year's phones are better than last year's. They alway are. The best phones are great, yet 2018 has not been a vintage year for mobile innovation. More >>

Sluggish demand dents Samsung profit

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 12:43 pm | Digitl

Samsung reported a second quarter operating profit of US$13.4 billion. That's up 5.7 percent on the same time as a year ago, but behind analyst expectations. Revenue for the quarter dropped 4 percent year-on-year. More >>

Education, technology and digital divides

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 12:41 pm | Digitl

As education minister, Hekia Parata upset New Zealand's tech sector by not elevating digital technology teaching to the level they asked for. More >>

Service quality needs Commerce Commission scrutiny

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 12:35 pm | Digitl

The Commerce Commission says retail telecoms service will be one of its priorities for the next year. More >>

Samsung DeX Pad review

Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 6:33 pm | Digitl

Samsung’s $180 DeX Pad is a docking station that turns a Galaxy S9 or S9 phone into a desktop computer . On paper it looks like a good idea. In practice it's not as useful as you might expect. At least not for most people. More >>

What the Fortnite update tells us about NZ telecommunication

Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 6:28 pm | Digitl

Imagine if at 9pm one Thursday evening there was a sudden 20 percent surge in demand on the electricity network. At the very least there would be a few households reaching for candles and electric torches. More >>



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