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Drop Fuel Tax – Convert to Congestion Tolls

Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 12:34 pm | Craig Lord

Mayoral candidate Craig Lord wants to push for a removal of the Auckland fuel tax and replace it with a fairer form of congestion tax. He has witnessed first-hand how simply it works overseas and finds it strange that the technology is not used ... More >>

Regional Facilities Auckland Play Dirty

Monday, 17 June 2019, 10:06 am | Craig Lord

After following up on the Western Springs Speedway fiasco, Mayoral Candidate Craig Lord is shocked to find that Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) is now intent on playing games with the Auckland population. More >>

Auckland must build a Waste-to-Energy plant

Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 8:36 am | Craig Lord

Mayoral candidate Craig Lord is going to lobby for support to build a Waste to Energy plant in Auckland if elected into office this year. With over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish going into Auckland based landfills annually, and Chinese owned Waste Management ... More >>

Mayoral candidate proposes refuse changes

Sunday, 9 June 2019, 2:58 pm | Craig Lord

If elected into office, Mayoral candidate Craig Lord wants to prioritise the Council into rethinking the growing refuse problem that has spread itself across the entire Auckland region. More >>

Mayoral candidate backs removal of trust monopoly

Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 9:43 am | Craig Lord

Mayoral Candidate Craig Lord has backed the West Auckland Trusts Action Group and their campaign to end the monopoly held by the Waitakere and Portage Licensing Trusts. More >>

No plans and another dictatorship policy announcement

Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 9:29 am | Craig Lord

John Tamihere’s latest policy announcement to sell the Ports of Auckland while excluding the trucking industry from driving in Auckland’s CBD during normal working hours, is a no-plan dictatorship statement says Mayoral Candidate Craig Lord. “Once ... More >>

Mayoral candidate fights for Auckland Motorsports

Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 9:31 am | Craig Lord

Auckland Mayoral candidate Craig Lord will be fighting to keep Speedway at its historical home of Western Springs after meeting with various parties to discuss the situation. He outlined his plans via social media on Monday evening. “There is a way to fight ... More >>

Mayoral Candidate Vows to Find the Truth

Monday, 29 April 2019, 3:33 pm | Craig Lord

With Auckland Transport now collecting more that $11 million in fines for bus lane encroachment, Mayoral Candidate Craig Lord believes the public are being misled. More >>

Fresh face putting name into Auckland Mayoral race

Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 3:27 pm | Craig Lord

Self-employed freelance media contractor Craig Lord has started his campaign to become Auckland Mayor in 2019. His intention is to be a ‘grass roots’ option for every Aucklander. More >>


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