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Kiwi Ingenuity Opens Tourism Door To Millions

Friday, 15 June 2001, 8:59 am | DVD Power

DVD Power Ltd www.dvdpower.org announced today, that the major European DVD news site 7th Zone, www.7thzone.com, profiled the New Zealand Tourism DVD "Coast to Coast", as Feature Article of the Day on its web site, DVD Power Business ... More >>

DVD Power Offered $US 5,250,000

Friday, 6 April 2001, 2:41 pm | DVD Power

World wide exposure for New Zealand's first Tourism DVD "Coast to Coast" has far exceeded the DVD Power' wildest dreams with tremendous sales and a $US 5,250,00 offer. More >>

Big Demand For NZ's 1st Tourism DVD

Tuesday, 20 February 2001, 7:42 pm | DVD Power

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND ( Wednesday 21 February, 2001) DVD Power Ltd, New Zealand's foremost digital media publishing company, reported today that 3 days after release, demand for New Zealand's first produced DVD for consumer sale, has far exceeded the ... More >>


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