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A Backgrounder On Today's Anti-Racism March

Saturday, 23 October 2004, 10:01 pm | Derek Cheng

When first-generation Chinese New Zealander Tze Ming Mok talked to a National Front member outside the Chinese Embassy in June, she was called a "peasant" and to return to her "third-world country". When she asked why he refused ... More >>

Iranian Says Oil Brings The West To Persian Gulf

Thursday, 7 October 2004, 11:29 am | Derek Cheng

Control of the world’s energy supplies, not peace and democracy, was the reason for the presence of foreign military in the Persian Gulf, according to a senior researcher for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More >>

Venezuala's Revolution Explained To New Zealand

Tuesday, 28 September 2004, 11:53 am | Derek Cheng

Resisting international pressures has allowed Venezuela’s wealth to be directed towards the poor majority in forms such as food and healthcare, said Leonel Vivas, the Venezuelan ambassador to Australia. More >>

Images: Views And Counter Views At Destiny Protest

Tuesday, 24 August 2004, 4:52 pm | Derek Cheng

About 5000 protesters were met by counter-rallies when they marched to Parliament yesterday in opposition to the proposed Civil Union Bill. Auckland-based Destiny church organised the protest. Leader Brian Tamaki had said they were marching for ... More >>


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