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Is the Ukrainian Crisis Really Over?

Thursday, 11 September 2014, 9:38 am | INSS Insight

On September 5, 2014, a ceasefire agreement to end the fighting in Ukraine was signed in Minsk. Notwithstanding doubts from various directions, the arrangement went into effect, and thus far is holding. Yet what is emerging is that Russia’s achievement ... More >>

The New-Old Palestinian Initiative to Establish a State

Monday, 8 September 2014, 10:34 am | INSS Insight

The New-Old Palestinian Initiative to Establish a State By Gilead Sher and Liran Ofek September 7, 2014 More >>

Another Casualty of the Third Gaza War: US-Israel Relations

Tuesday, 2 September 2014, 9:46 am | INSS Insight

Another Casualty of the Third Gaza War: US-Israel Relations By Oded Eran September 1, 2014 More >>

The Iranian Cyber Offensive during Operation Protective Edge

Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 4:23 pm | INSS Insight

The Iranian Cyber Offensive during Operation Protective Edge By Gabi Siboni and Sami Kronenfeld August 26, 2014 More >>

Egyptians Discourse on the Social Networks

Monday, 25 August 2014, 4:30 pm | INSS Insight

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi: a chronicle of foretold failure, or perhaps not? Egyptians' Discourse on the Social Networks By Orit Perlov August 11, 2014 More >>

Is Israel Facing a War of Attrition against Hamas?

Friday, 22 August 2014, 3:50 pm | INSS Insight

Is Israel Facing a War of Attrition against Hamas? By Udi Dekel August 13, 2014 More >>

ISIS: The Real Threat

Friday, 22 August 2014, 2:42 pm | INSS Insight

In recent months the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has managed to position itself as the most significant threat to regional stability in the Middle East. The mass executions in Iraq and Syria reflect the shock ... More >>

Essential Conditions for Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip

Friday, 22 August 2014, 2:05 pm | INSS Insight

Essential Conditions for Successful Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip Kobi Michael and Udi Dekel August 19, 2014 More >>

The Delegitimization of Israel, Operation Protective Edge

Friday, 22 August 2014, 11:50 am | INSS Insight

Image vs. Reality: The Delegitimization of Israel in the Wake of Operation Protective Edge By Gilead Sher and Einav Yogev August 20, 2014 More >>

Countering Qatar’s Negative Regional Impact

Thursday, 21 August 2014, 3:49 pm | INSS Insight

Countering Qatar’s Negative Regional Impact By Kobi Michael and Yoel Guzansky August 17, 2014 More >>

Operation Protective Edge and a Fragile Regional Arena

Friday, 25 July 2014, 10:42 am | INSS Insight

Operation Protective Edge and the talks that are supposed to end it have brought the political and ideological fault lines in the Middle East into sharp relief. The mediation attempts demonstrate the extent to which the countries involved in the ... More >>

Turkey Drifting in the Middle East Winds of Change

Friday, 4 July 2014, 2:48 pm | INSS Insight

The abduction of some 80 Turkish citizens in Iraq -- diplomats, their families, and truck drivers -- by Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) militants and their affiliates symbolizes the major potential ... More >>

United States: Prepared for Military Intervention in Iraq?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014, 5:06 pm | INSS Insight

Following the seizure of Iraq’s main cities by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), there has been much discussion about possible US military intervention in Iraq. Since the ISIS campaign began, a small American force of 275 soldiers has been ... More >>

ISIS: A Risk Assessment

Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 1:51 pm | INSS Insight

Recent events in Iraq are liable to give new impetus to the ideas and the path that ISIS represents, which are shared by many terrorist organizations operating in the Middle East and beyond. Its strong economic capacity could be exploited to support ... More >>

The Presidential Crisis in Lebanon: A Destructive Rift?

Monday, 23 June 2014, 1:17 pm | INSS Insight

The current presidential crisis in Lebanon presents a concrete danger, internally and externally, that could have an impact on the region in general and Israel in particular. The events are overshadowed by the more dramatic developments in Syria, ... More >>

The Collapse of Iraq: Strategic Implications

Monday, 16 June 2014, 5:32 pm | INSS Insight

The fall of major Iraqi cities to Sunni extremists belonging to the Sunni group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) may well have implications beyond the borders of Iraq. The evolution toward the dissolution of the country, which began following the US ... More >>

The Palestinian Unity Government

Thursday, 12 June 2014, 1:42 pm | INSS Insight

The Palestinian unity government was sworn in on June 2, 2014 in Ramallah on the basis of a presidential decree by President Mahmoud Abbas, after Fatah and Hamas came to an agreement on the makeup of the cabinet. More >>

Iran: Caught between Missile Defense and Comprehensive Deal

Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 2:18 pm | INSS Insight

Over the past eight months of negotiations between Iran and the P5+1, Tehran’s ballistic missile program has been mainly relegated to the sidelines. Although several months ago there were indications that the US might be determined to include the ... More >>

The Election of Abd al-Fatah el-Sisi as President of Egypt

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 1:33 pm | INSS Insight

There were no surprises in last week’s presidential election in Egypt. It was clear from the outset that Abd al-Fatah al-Sisi, the former defense minister and the most powerful man in the Egyptian leadership, would be elected Egypt’s next president. More >>

Russia’s Linkage between Ukrainian Crisis & the Middle East

Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 5:22 pm | INSS Insight

Although the official topic of the international security conference held in Moscow on May 20-23, 2014 was Middle East regional security, the conference actually dealt with the Russian perspective on the linkage between the crisis in Ukraine, where ... More >>



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