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New Conservative says NO to Zero Carbon Tax

Thursday, 7 November 2019, 8:33 pm | New Conservative

We are destroying our economy and making no difference to our ecology through carbon trading. This is poor governance and must stop. The beaches we visited forty years ago are the same now as they were then, we are not drowning, our seas are not encroaching ... More >>

Botany Deserves More in 2020

Monday, 21 October 2019, 10:36 am | New Conservative

Botany is an electorate that deserves a representative who is committed to their community which is the reason New Conservative has confirmed Elliot Ikilei as the candidate for the 2020 election. More >>

Government Hindering Police from Core Duties

Wednesday, 16 October 2019, 4:29 pm | New Conservative

The New Zealand Police have been used as a political pawn which is stretching their resources and seriously affecting their ability to address the real causes of crime, such as gang related supply of illicit drugs. More >>

Ihumātao Failure Costs Us All

Friday, 20 September 2019, 9:19 am | New Conservative

Disappointment expressed by Fletcher Building CEO, Ross Taylor, reflects the increasing frustration held by many with this Government’s failure to protect private property rights.[1] More >>

Government Should Own Economic Downturn

Friday, 20 September 2019, 8:51 am | New Conservative

GDP figures out today show a shrinking economy and the general outlook is negative rather than positive. More >>

What Happened to Balanced Reporting?

Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 4:05 pm | New Conservative

Mainstream media, as the purveyors of truth and source of balanced information, took another backward step today with the announcement by Stuff that most New Zealand organisations had joined 170 media outlets from around the world in the “Covering ... More >>

Building on Shaky Ground

Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 10:02 pm | New Conservative

The Government's announcement today of the Kiwibuild “reset” has again proven that intervention and control does not deliver positive outcomes for hardworking New Zealanders. [1] More >>

No 1080 for Wellington - or New Zealand

Monday, 2 September 2019, 2:15 pm | New Conservative

Predator-Free Wellington's ambitious goal of being the world's first predator-free capital is not reliant on 1080; they are using traps, and while the politicians in Wellington tell the rest of New Zealand that 1080 is a great option, it's obviously ... More >>

Water or Unity?

Thursday, 29 August 2019, 4:54 pm | New Conservative

Freshwater has become yet another opportunity to divide New Zealand by ethnicity arising from the Waitangi Tribunal report released yesterday. More >>

Link Parliamentary Salaries to Average Wage

Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 9:13 am | New Conservative

New Conservative is calling for parliamentary salaries to be linked to the average wage so that any increases are fair and reflect the influence the government is having on the country’s economy. If the economy slumps and the average wage drops, so ... More >>

Government Abandons Construction Industry

Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 9:14 am | New Conservative

Government has demonstrated its contempt for developers and the construction industry in its handling of the Ihumātao protest. More >>

More to Trade Training Than Funding

Sunday, 4 August 2019, 12:41 pm | New Conservative

The importance of skilled, qualified tradespeople is a priority for New Zealand and addressing the shortage has broad benefits. More >>

Bad Law Creates Fall Out

Friday, 2 August 2019, 8:12 am | New Conservative

Challenges continue to come from the rushed changes to the Arms Act that has placed the NZ Police in a compromised position. More >>

Ihumātao - Disrespect of Whenua? Or Whānau?

Tuesday, 30 July 2019, 8:23 am | New Conservative

The deal that was struck between Te Kawerau ā Maki, the mana whenua of Ihumātao, and Fletchers, via the chosen and mandated negotiator, Te Warena Taua, was a deal of mana and of sustainability, both for the archeological site and for the families ... More >>

Government Must do More to Support Israel

Wednesday, 24 July 2019, 12:12 pm | New Conservative

Relationships between Israel and New Zealand continue to be damaged by our current government and there continues to be a failure to appropriately support the Jewish community. More >>

Fear Used to Force Law Changes

Monday, 22 July 2019, 5:42 pm | New Conservative

Announcement today by the Prime Minister of further gun law reform is being shrouded by fear, so that scrutiny of the law is seen as an affront to the victims of the horror attack in March. The Prime Minister acknowledged in her announcement that ... More >>

Law Abiding Citizens Let Down Again

Monday, 22 July 2019, 8:07 am | New Conservative

With the Government's firearm buyback scheme starting to draw over 30,000 police man hours away from fighting crime, the safety of law abiding citizens is being compromised. More >>

Prisons Need Full Body Scanners

Sunday, 14 July 2019, 11:56 am | New Conservative

Drug infiltration into our maximum security prisons is putting prisoners and staff at unnecessary risk, and one tool that would be of huge benefit is a full body scanner. More >>

Will Government Insist on Passing More Poor Law?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 4:03 pm | New Conservative

With the second reading of the “End of Life Choice Bill” today, the public are left wondering if all the effort to make a submission to the Select Committee was worth it. Of the 38,000 submissions, 91.8 per cent are opposed, and 93.5 per cent ... More >>

Gun Buyback? Police State.

Saturday, 22 June 2019, 1:29 pm | New Conservative

The government’s firearm buy back scheme is not just bullying and unfair, it uses the New Zealand police to force its draconian law on law abiding New Zealanders, who are already feeling cheated and manipulated by this process. More >>



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