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Finding Fanatistic Food For Fussy Felines

Wednesday, 19 December 2001, 12:48 am | Released via Carrara Communications

A small animal feed company is tickling cats' palates in an effort to find out just what appeals to feline taste buds. More >>

Patent Roll Out Underway For Slab

Tuesday, 4 December 2001, 10:36 am | Released via Carrara Communications

SLAB International, an audio innovator and flat panel speaker pioneer, has received its first comprehensive UK patent, as well as finalising a 'very pleasing' cross licensing arrangement with NXT, a UK-based flat panel speaker developer. More >>

Forecourt Video System Gets Innovation Boost

Tuesday, 2 October 2001, 11:52 am | Released via Carrara Communications

As petrol prices continue to escalate, so do the number of service station incidents of drivers fuelling their cars and fleeing without paying - a problem proving costly for oil companies world-wide. More >>

'Apples For Apples’ Innovation Leads To Nomination

Monday, 6 August 2001, 3:06 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Auckland-based innovation hot-shot, Compac Sorting Equipment, has been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious American Chamber of Commerce/United Airlines innovation awards. More >>

Dressed For Success

Wednesday, 18 July 2001, 4:24 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

A small lifestyle business in Otago is set to become an overnight success- after nine years. More >>

Black To The Future

Monday, 16 July 2001, 4:53 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

The ever-popular blackcurrant may hold another key in the quest for eternal youth, thanks to its anti-oxidant properties. More >>

Compudigm/Cedar Deal- Changing Company Knowledge

Tuesday, 10 July 2001, 8:53 am | Released via Carrara Communications

Compudigm International™ and Cedar Enterprise Solutions Limited™ today announced they have joined forces to create a ‘first of its kind’ document management visualisation solution. This technology will revolutionise the way in which organisations get access ... More >>

Research Pinpoints Canterbury Oil Potential

Thursday, 5 July 2001, 11:50 am | Released via Carrara Communications

Seismic research being carried out in Canterbury by a young science graduate could provide clues towards discovering oil or gas in the area. More >>

Flying Underwater To Reveal Deep Sea Terrain

Monday, 2 July 2001, 3:04 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

The mysteries of underwater terrain are no longer hidden, thanks to revolutionary technology developed by an enterprising Nelson company. More >>

Digital Surround Sound Creates 3D Theatre Zone

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 2:21 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Clear Day SLAB DSP Limited Announces the Release of Virtuoso™ A Surround Sound Technology for Headphones and Headsets More >>

Research Job To Dream About

Monday, 11 June 2001, 2:05 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Designers at a Tauranga company have the job dreams are made of – searching for a better night’s sleep. More >>

Seeding Business Success

Thursday, 7 June 2001, 4:05 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

An entrepreneurial Canterbury company is giving the term ‘seed capital’ a new meaning, and its new technology could lead to an increase in local content in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. More >>

US Roofing Market In For Shake Up From Kiwi Tech

Monday, 28 May 2001, 2:31 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

The pioneering, can-do spirit that made corrugated iron sheets synonymous with New Zealand landscape is leading to highly innovative corrugated roofing products spearheading their way into the traditional US market. More >>

High Flying Performer

Tuesday, 22 May 2001, 5:00 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Mention kite flying and most people think of a gentle breeze and a Sunday afternoon in the park . But talk kite flying to Ashburton entrepreneur Peter Lynn and it takes on a whole new dimension; almost in the ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ category. More >>

Local Innovation Compounds Growth

Friday, 18 May 2001, 2:42 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

A timber treatment chemical that will help New Zealand logs get to their destination in top notch condition is the latest of a line of innovations from an enterprising North Shore (Auckland) company. More >>

A Natural Success Story

Tuesday, 15 May 2001, 3:10 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Natural New Zealand flavours are tempting Asian and American tastebuds and becoming big business for an innovative west Auckland company both internationally and in New Zealand. More >>

Research Leads To More Than Gut Reaction

Friday, 11 May 2001, 2:50 pm | Released via Carrara Communications

Fred Schwacke is a man with a mission and it’s paying off with jobs and export earnings for rural New Zealand. He believes producing value-added products, rather than selling commodities, is the key to improving New Zealand’s economy. More >>

Private Sector R&D In Good Shape

Monday, 7 May 2001, 11:07 am | Released via Carrara Communications

Innovative businesses are getting a shot in the arm from the new Grants for Private Sector Research and Development scheme, with around $1.5m per month being invested in private sector R&D projects. More >>

Compudigm, Harrah’s Sign Agreement

Wednesday, 2 May 2001, 11:37 am | Released via Carrara Communications

1 May 2001 Compudigm, Harrah’s Sign Data-Visualization Agreement Compudigm International is to install its innovative data-visualization software, seePOWER, at Harrah’s corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. An agreement has just been signed between Compudigm International ... More >>

Serious Cereal Packaging

Tuesday, 10 April 2001, 9:01 am | Released via Carrara Communications

Hot-shot innovation from a clever little Christchurch company could go a long way to salving consumer guilt pangs about conspicuous packaging consumption. The company, Blue Marble Polymers, is making a living out of a product that most people don’t ... More >>



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