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Dairy Cruelty Investigation Leads to Further Conviction

Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 9:46 am | SAFE

Another slaughterhouse worker has finally been convicted following the 2015 dairy investigation by Farmwatch and SAFE that horrified New Zealanders and caused controversy internationally. The man, from Down Cow Ltd, was filmed via hidden camera dragging ... More >>

Mid Northern Rodeo animal handler guilty of animal cruelty

Thursday, 1 June 2017, 9:17 am | SAFE

SAFE welcomes the news that an animal handler at the Mid Northern Rodeo has been formally warned for cruelty by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) but says it is not enough. Charges were laid over evidence compiled by volunteer investigators ... More >>

First supermarket chain goes cage-free

Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 9:14 am | SAFE

Animal advocacy organisation SAFE is delighted that supermarket chain Countdown has announced it will stop selling all cage eggs from 2024 (North Island) and 2025 (rest of New Zealand). The decision is a massive win for caring Kiwis, who have been inundating ... More >>

Australian retail giant treating Kiwis unfairly

Monday, 20 March 2017, 10:11 am | SAFE

SAFE is accusing Australian corporation Woolworths Group of double standards for refusing to phase out all cage eggs at their New Zealand Countdown stores, whilst already having committed to phasing out cage eggs in their Australian supermarkets. ... More >>

Countdown hasn’t cracked it yet

Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 2:39 pm | SAFE

Countdown’s announcement today that it will phase out selling cage eggs under its own private egg label will improve the lives of some hens but falls short of heeding calls from their customers for them to go fully cage-free, a new poll shows. More >>

Launch of thought-provoking factory-farming textbook

Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:41 am | SAFE

Is it better to live a life not worth living, or not to have lived at all? This is one of the questions that students in Years 9-13 (ages 13-18) will be discussing this year thanks to a new textbook, Animals in Factory Farms. The latest ground-breaking ... More >>

Rodeo sponsors withdraw support following brutal footage

Friday, 27 January 2017, 10:24 am | SAFE

Following the release of new video evidence filmed at the Mid Northern rodeo in Whangarei demonstrating the brutality of rodeo events, plus further footage from the Upper Mohaka rodeo, eight companies have severed ties with rodeo, says SAFE. More >>

Shocking new rodeo footage shows animals continue to suffer

Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 10:11 am | SAFE

New video evidence filmed at the Mid Northern rodeo in Whangarei this month demonstrates the brutality of rodeo events, says SAFE. More >>

Helping animals one meal at a time

Wednesday, 21 December 2016, 9:29 am | SAFE

New Zealanders are encouraged to try eating vegan this January as part of a worldwide movement called Veganuary, says SAFE. More >>

Animal experimentation figures do not show reality

Monday, 12 December 2016, 3:38 pm | SAFE

The Ministry for Primary Industries has today released figures on the numbers of animals used for research, testing and teaching in 2015. It was reported that 225,310 animals were used, over 4,300 per week; a drop from the 310,287 used in 2014. The ... More >>

InterContinental Hotels Group latest company to go cage-free

Monday, 5 December 2016, 9:54 am | SAFE

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, has announced they will use only cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025. IHG operates seven hotels in New Zealand under the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and InterContinental brands. More >>

Protestors Rally in Opposition to Rodeo Decision

Thursday, 10 November 2016, 10:43 am | SAFE

Today, November 10, members of the public outraged by the government’s deliberate inaction on rodeo will be joined by SAFE, Farmwatch and Green Party MP Mojo Mathers outside Parliament to rally against the continued abuse of animals. More >>

Animal Welfare Groups Disappointed with Rodeo Decision

Monday, 7 November 2016, 3:24 pm | SAFE

The Government’s announcement today that no action will be taken to ban rodeo, following a 62,000-strong petition from New Zealanders, has angered leading animal welfare organisations. More >>

Dead calves cover the length of New Zealand

Tuesday, 1 November 2016, 10:30 am | SAFE

‘DROP DAIRY’ – these words are now plastered on an eye-catching billboard that has gone up in a high visibility location on Auckland's Hobson Street today. Approximately two million ‘bobby’ calves are killed at a few days old in New ... More >>

New dairy footage exposes ongoing cruelty in industry

Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 9:35 am | SAFE

Dairy farming is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons say SAFE and Farmwatch. New footage obtained by Farmwatch investigators shows that a year on from the explosive 2015 exposé of the New Zealand dairy industry, calves continue ... More >>

Animal rights advocates issue stark warning on rodeo cruelty

Friday, 21 October 2016, 9:45 am | SAFE

Rodeo season starts on the 22 of October with two events in the South Island over the weekend. Animal rights advocate SAFE is urging the government to follow public opinion and make this season the last. SAFE is drawing attention to the fact that ... More >>

NZ Hotlist Dished up for World Vegetarian Month

Friday, 30 September 2016, 9:30 am | SAFE

‘Vegetarian’ is the new buzz word from Hollywood A-listers to businesses and eateries popping up all across the country to cater for plant-based eaters. Although summer isn’t yet here, things are heating up with SAFE’s announcement of New ... More >>

World's Largest Foodservice Company, goes cage-free

Friday, 16 September 2016, 9:02 am | SAFE

Compass Group, the largest foodservice company in the world and one which has an arm in New Zealand, has announced they will only use cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025. Compass Group provides food at over 200 locations in New Zealand and uses a ... More >>

Three horses dead from jumps races in three weeks

Monday, 29 August 2016, 10:42 am | SAFE

The death toll in New Zealand jumps racing continues to mount with three horses killed in three weeks, bringing the total for the jumps racing season so far to seven. Twentythirtyfour was euthanised after he fractured a hind leg in a gruelling 4200 ... More >>

New Bobby Calf Regulations ‘Lack Vision’

Monday, 1 August 2016, 9:53 am | SAFE

New regulations on the treatment of bobby calves come into force today, with animal advocates calling the new rules mediocre at best. The regulations include some changes to transport and shelter rules for the animals. The regulations created by the Ministry ... More >>



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