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West Coast Climate Risk

Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 9:42 am | Sean Weaver

The West Coast Regional Council announced in January that, in their opinion, climate change is not affected by human induced emissions, and so will not support the government climate change bill. More >>

Genetically Engineered Food and the US FDA

Thursday, 17 May 2001, 7:04 am | Sean Weaver

Steve Druker, Director of the Alliance for Bio-integrity in the United States, has become a big name in the global debate on genetic engineering in recent years through his efforts to bring to pubic attention the way that the US Food and Drug Administration ... More >>

The Political Science of GM Food

Thursday, 17 May 2001, 7:00 am | Sean Weaver

Arpad Pusztai was in New Zealand earlier this year to give evidence to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification. Arpad is a scientist who has become a world figure in the debate concerning GM foods. He conducted research into the effects of GM potatoes ... More >>


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