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Tindall’s Identity Crisis A Warning

Monday, 22 April 2002, 1:58 pm | www.pdom.com

Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall’s current internet identity crisis serves as a reminder that your name is not necessarily your domain,” warns Robert Wiles, Chief Executive of New Zealand’s only personal domain name company http://www.pdom.com/. More >>

Sign of the Cross is For Sale

Monday, 19 November 2001, 7:33 pm | www.pdom.com

Media Release - 19 November 2001 Religious Chiefs worldwide are set to enter a bidding war to protect their right to the most sacred icon in the world - the Sign of the Cross. More >>

Japanese Adopt New Zealand Lambs - Cyber Style

Friday, 26 October 2001, 6:05 pm | www.pdom.com

Up to 100 lambs from the Buller district in New Zealand are set to become cybercitizens complete with personal domain names and web sites as Japanese school children go on-line to adopt their own New Zealand pet lambs over the Internet. More >>

Pdom Gifts Celebrity Babies Cybercitizenship

Monday, 27 August 2001, 5:03 pm | www.pdom.com

New global domain name company www.pdom.com is ensuring celebrity babies Liam Flockhart, Alexandria Bowie, Iris Law, Paris Brosnan, Homer Gere and Owen Sussman won't miss out on their slice of cyberspace by gifting dot com domain names to this select group ... More >>

.co.nz Domains Set To Double In 12 Months

Monday, 13 August 2001, 11:14 am | www.pdom.com

Wellington based global domain name registration company Pdom.com predicts huge growth in New Zealand’s domain name extensions (.co.nz) as people’s desire for their own slice of personalised cyberspace continues to grow globally. More >>

Helen Clark Gifted NZ Cyber Citizenship

Thursday, 2 August 2001, 11:19 am | www.pdom.com

Prime Minister Helen Clark will return home from the Knowledge Wave Conference as a cyber citizen with her own piece of virtual New Zealand real estate. More >>

Knowledge Wave speakers become NZ cyber citizens

Thursday, 2 August 2001, 9:33 am | www.pdom.com

Speakers in New Zealand for the Knowledge Wave conference will return home with some virtual New Zealand real estate in tow - and a possible identity crisis! More >>

A New Way To Preserve The Family Name

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 2:09 pm | www.pdom.com

Spare a thought for the Smiths who want to call their baby James. When he comes to secure his space on the Net, he'll be at the end of a long line of James Smiths. More >>

Web Company Takes The Pulse Of Personal Websites

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 1:52 pm | www.pdom.com

There's a new company taking the pulse of personal websites as they surge in popularity. More >>

New Tools For Net Name Prospecting

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 1:50 pm | www.pdom.com

New Internet company Pdom, launched today, has developed unique tools to help people find their ideal net name. More >>

Personal Domain Names Emerge As New Commodity

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 1:47 pm | www.pdom.com

What's the price of a good name? We'll soon find out. A new commodity is coming to market: the Personal Domain Name (PDN), the name we'll use to secure our identity on the Internet. More >>

Property Boom In Virtual Real Estate

Thursday, 28 June 2001, 1:46 pm | www.pdom.com

"In the future, many people will have what few have enjoyed in the past: a second address" says Robert Wiles CEO, Pdom. Wiles isn't talking about a cabin in the mountains or a house by the sea; but a place in cyberspace - a personal domain name ... More >>


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