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Fund Private Training Fairly - ACTivists

Wednesday, 4 September 2002, 4:14 pm | ACTivists

Funding for private training establishments (PTEs) should be determined on the same basis as State-owned tertiary training providers, according to youth group, ACTivists. More >>

Iron curtain falls on free education

Thursday, 20 June 2002, 5:25 pm | ACTivists

The iron curtain falls on the age of left-wing students demanding free tertiary education, with even the Alliance’s tertiary policy backing away from scrapping fees and loans. More >>

Follow the Leader – or else.

Tuesday, 18 June 2002, 8:15 pm | ACTivists

Labour's "follow the leader" website, in true Helengrad style, tries to force its agenda on anyone who sees it, say youth group ACTivists. More >>

Students Continue to Back ACT

Wednesday, 12 June 2002, 8:15 am | ACTivists

Students have no reason to re-elect a Labour government next month, ACTivists President, Gavin Middleton, said today. More >>

ACTivist Rules Out Wellington Central

Saturday, 1 June 2002, 12:41 am | ACTivists

ACTivist President Gavin Middleton has quashed suggestions that he will attempt to run as the ACT Party’s candidate for Wellington Central. More >>

ACT running "new style" campaign

Wednesday, 22 May 2002, 1:04 pm | ACTivists

Richard Prebble’s decision not to stand for Wellington Central shows that ACT will run a new style of campaign focusing exclusively on the list vote, according to the Wellington President of ACTivists, Lucas Nagorcka. More >>

ACTivists Outraged at PC Tertiary Budget

Saturday, 18 May 2002, 3:20 pm | ACTivists

Current Budget announcements for tertiary education show that public money will be poured into politically correct schemes which won’t address the most pressing needs, according to youth group ACTivists. More >>

ACTivists Attend Far Left Meetings

Wednesday, 24 April 2002, 7:11 pm | ACTivists

Young ACT supporters will attend every meeting of the far-left Victoria University Education Action Group (EAG), says Wellington ACTivist President, Lucas Nagorcka. More >>

ACTivists Appoint Campaign Manager

Saturday, 23 March 2002, 1:32 pm | ACTivists

Political youth group ACTivists has appointed a campaign manager in the leadup to this year’s election. More >>

Tertiary Savings Scheme Welcomed

Wednesday, 20 March 2002, 8:09 pm | ACTivists

A private working group’s suggestion of a savings scheme for tertiary education is welcome, but the political youth group ACTivists say that any scheme must be both voluntary and administered by the private sector. More >>

Pay Lecturers With Racial Funding

Monday, 4 March 2002, 11:16 am | ACTivists

Pay demands from tertiary staff are forcing institutions to their financial knees, and students are at risk of graduating with second-rate degrees unless the Government acts, warns ACTivist President, Gavin Middleton. More >>

Research "Last ditch attempt" - ACTivists

Monday, 28 January 2002, 6:03 pm | ACTivists

The answer to ballooning student debt is not taxpayer-funded education, and NZUSA research released today is a last ditch attempt to justify their legitimacy, according to ACTivists President, Gavin Middleton. More >>

Breakfast “pick-me-up” is over 4% alcohol

Thursday, 24 January 2002, 10:02 am | ACTivists

Following the Green Party’s alert yesterday that children eating foods high in sugar results in a high sugar intake, ACTivists Auckland President and spokesperson on alcohol, Stuart Wilson, is alarmed that people could be consuming up to six cans ... More >>

Loans Not Driving Students Overseas

Tuesday, 11 December 2001, 12:56 am | ACTivists

Evidence given by the IRD Commissioner to a Select Committee has thrown doubt upon student associations' claims that tertiary graduates leave New Zealand because of high student loan debts, according to ACTivist President, Gavin Middleton. More >>


Wednesday, 28 November 2001, 5:35 pm | ACTivists

On 2nd December 2001, Wellington will join over 100 cities around the world in hosting "WalkForCapitalism" - the first annual Global Rally for Capitalism. Wellington's walkers will depart from Manners Mall at noon on Sunday and head towards our destination ... More >>

Radio Non-Decision Good News for Youth

Thursday, 15 November 2001, 11:50 am | ACTivists

The latest non-decision on youth radio by Marion Hobbs and Paul Swain is a good sign for youth, according to ACTivist President, Gavin Middleton. More >>

Trying to Teach Pigs to Sing

Thursday, 1 November 2001, 10:59 am | ACTivists

For more information, see More >>

Freedom's Army

Monday, 10 September 2001, 9:19 am | ACTivists

It's not often I get the opportunity to speak to an audience, at least not a friendly one. I'm going to take a few minutes, however, to talk with you about vision, drive, ACTivists and ACT. More >>

Budget Built on Bribes and Blackmail

Thursday, 24 May 2001, 4:27 pm | ACTivists

Today's budget has drawn criticism from ACT's unofficial youth wing, ACTivists, who have described the budget as "based on bribes and blackmail, offering little encouragement for young people to stay in New Zealand and excel". More >>

ACTivists To Support Cannabis Law Reform

Thursday, 3 May 2001, 5:13 pm | ACTivists

ACTivists, the unofficial youth wing of the ACT party, are to sign the Coalition for Cannabis Law Reform Accord, opposing the prohibition of cannabis, this Saturday. More >>