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The BAD Science of Genetically Engineering Part 3

Wednesday, 24 July 2002, 2:32 pm | Adrian Picot

This is the final article of three that I felt compelled to write so that the claim that opponents to GE farming were unscientific was adequately refuted. I feel that I have completed this duty. More >>

The BAD science of Genetic Engineering Part Two

Monday, 15 July 2002, 2:06 pm | Adrian Picot

I received two replies on my first article. Both were aggressive attacks on my ability to research and understand science and served as excellent examples of the first line of attack that defenders of the GE faith utilise – question the scientific credentials ... More >>

Guest Opinion: The BAD Science of GE Food

Thursday, 4 July 2002, 11:46 am | Adrian Picot

The science of GE is immature and the creation of new organisms is at best a lottery. More >>

Eco- Economy: Alchemists should depart the stage

Thursday, 7 September 2000, 9:39 am | Adrian Picot

Scoop readers are invited to guess the source of this quote from the Book, New Zealand 2001 , published in 1981…. More >>

The Need For Revisionist Destructionist Propaganda

Wednesday, 19 July 2000, 2:00 pm | Adrian Picot

The need for a revisionist destructionist propaganda - a critique of New Zealand Native Timber Milling activism. More >>


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