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Call for Strategic Partnership with Russia & China

Monday, 10 December 2001, 10:01 am | Al-Ansaar

In international relations, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. India was always America's first love. It was India that rejected the USA and opted for strategic partnership with the USSR. India was clear and certain that only a ... More >>

Betrayed & Encircled, Will Pakistan Switch Sides?

Thursday, 29 November 2001, 10:10 am | Al-Ansaar

In a memo titled 'Richard Perle' by Jude Wannisky to Henry Kissinger (circulated by Information Times, USA) he writes: More >>

Plea To Withdraw From Coalition - To Musharraf

Monday, 26 November 2001, 10:52 am | Al-Ansaar

I am sure you are alarmed by the statement of Mr Blackwill, the US Ambassador in India, about Kashmir. He is reported to have said that the US war on terrorism would deal with resistance in Kashmir in its next stage. This is a clear breech of conditions ... More >>