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Al Gore: The Threat to American Democracy

Friday, 7 October 2005, 3:19 pm | Al Gore Campaign

I came here today because I believe that American democracy is in grave danger. It is no longer possible to ignore the strangeness of our public discourse ... I know that I am not the only one who feels that something has gone basically and badly ... More >>

Matching our Economic Course to Current Realities

Friday, 4 October 2002, 10:32 am | Al Gore Campaign

Good morning. I want to thank Bob Litan, Strobe Talbott, and everyone here at the Brookings Institution. In a time of so many challenges, the scholars here provide a service to our nation by honestly examining our government's policies and sharing ... More >>

Transcript: Iraq and the War On Terrorism

Tuesday, 24 September 2002, 1:56 pm | Al Gore Campaign

Like all Americans I have been wrestling with the question of what our country needs to do to defend itself from the kind of intense, focused and enabled hatred that brought about September 11th, and which at this moment must be presumed to be gathering ... More >>

Al Gore Press Conference Transcript - 28/11

Wednesday, 29 November 2000, 11:15 am | Al Gore Campaign

The following is a transcript of a press conference called by Vice President Al Gore this morning NZT. More >>

Al Gore's Statement: Challenging The Florida Count

Tuesday, 28 November 2000, 4:08 pm | Al Gore Campaign

TRANSCRIPT of Vice President Al Gore's statement to the US People on his decision to challenge the certified vote in the State of Florida. More >>