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Letter from Elsewhere: Death Of A Teenager

Monday, 30 October 2006, 12:19 am | Anne Else

On 22 October nineteen years ago, my younger son Patrick died. He was eighteen, and he thought he was indestructible. But he made one mistake, and he fell to his death. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: The Adjectives Of Outrage

Monday, 25 September 2006, 2:46 pm | Anne Else

Interesting choice of words in the headlines this week. Helen Clark was described as “furious” and “bitter”, “savage” and “lashing out”, over the ludicrous insinuations about her husband’s sexuality, and the fact that the Exclusive Brethren ... More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: Bringing Terrorism Home

Monday, 11 September 2006, 12:28 am | Anne Else

Around 7 am on September 12, 2001, I came awake to hear Geoff Robinson describing something so extraordinary, I thought at first he must be talking about a new disaster movie. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: Bedrock values

Monday, 28 August 2006, 12:55 am | Anne Else

I knew it was a long time since the last Letter, but I hadn’t realised HOW long. I have a good excuse, of course: I was finishing off my PhD, otherwise known as “getting doctored”. Then I went away for a while to recover, and when I got back, I discovered ... More >>

Brash and the Brethren: The Real Problem

Monday, 12 September 2005, 12:52 am | Anne Else

If you're reading this, you will certainly know by now that the Exclusive Brethren are running a hugely expensive anti-Green, anti-Labour, pro-National-in-everything-but-name leaflet smear campaign, which Don Brash has now belatedly admitted he knew about ... More >>

Anne Else: Brash in Charge - Here is the News

Monday, 5 September 2005, 12:29 am | Anne Else

1 November 2005: The new National Government today took urgency to pass legislation abolishing the Maori seats in Parliament, together with all the government agencies "specifically set up to deal exclusively with Maori or with Maori issues". The new ... More >>

Anne Else: Would The Real Dr Brash Please Stand Up

Monday, 18 July 2005, 4:19 pm | Anne Else

I’ve watched with amazement as Dr Donald Brash’s public image has been transformed in the media over the past year. Gone is the tinder-dry, committed neo-liberal economist with an absolute aversion for the welfare state and an equally absolute faith in ... More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: A Right Old Family Fight

Monday, 4 July 2005, 10:02 am | Anne Else

The far right are so intent on attacking Labour in general, and prominent Labour women in particular (and the Governor General, and the Chief Justice, and any other woman who has somehow managed to weasel her way into a top public service job for ... More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: Joe McCarthy Lives

Monday, 16 May 2005, 1:41 pm | Anne Else

John Tamihere’s “trash-talk laddism” (as the Listener editor labelled it) was repulsive, but I didn’t take it seriously enough to respond in public. This is different. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: What Is It About The DPB?

Monday, 7 February 2005, 2:39 pm | Anne Else

What is it about the DPB which drives politicians to such a frenzy of moral indignation? I think it must be, at bottom, the idea that the state actually pays some women, and even a handful of men, to do what women are supposed to do for love alone (and ... More >>

Anne Else : Don’t Buy That, Buy This - Now

Monday, 20 December 2004, 11:35 am | Anne Else

I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year – and I don’t mean the brandy. It’s partly the weather. A cold Christmas in the European winter is really enjoyable. A cold Christmas in what’s supposed to be the New Zealand summer is not. More >>

Anne Else: It Sounds Better If You Call It IPV

Monday, 29 November 2004, 12:49 am | Anne Else

I put my winter woollies away last week, so I should have known that trouble was bound to follow. By Friday, the weather and the news had both turned nasty. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: The W Word – Work

Monday, 15 November 2004, 3:10 pm | Anne Else

It’s official: Kiwi couples are working longer hours. Who knew? Seriously, I’m very pleased a new survey* has pinned down precisely how long a long working week now is, and how widespread. Just one small thing – the words “for pay” are missing. More >>

Anne Else: Three Cheers For The Nanny State

Monday, 1 November 2004, 12:04 am | Anne Else

Since my last column three weeks ago, my husband has turned black and blue. No, like most cliches, that’s wrong – he’s more sort of purple and maroon with little yellow bits. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: Not A Pretty Picture

Monday, 11 October 2004, 1:08 pm | Anne Else

Letter from Elsewhere with Anne Else Not A Pretty Picture: The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Celebrity Dads More >>

It’s Pointless – That’s the Whole Point

Monday, 27 September 2004, 12:36 am | Anne Else

This year my favourites, the ones that glow in the dark, were all blue. But I don’t think this meant anything. It suddenly occurred to me that this is the wonderful thing about the World of Wearable Arts show – it’s all so superbly pointless, as ... More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: Celebrating September 19th

Monday, 20 September 2004, 10:35 am | Anne Else

How did you celebrate yesterday, September 19? You didn’t know there was anything special about it? Well, let me enlighten you: September 19 is Women’s Suffrage Day. More >>

Letter from Elsewhere: The Future Eaters

Monday, 13 September 2004, 12:06 am | Anne Else

It’s the clearly deliberate targeting of a school full of children that makes the Beslan hostage deaths and injuries so appalling. Bombing, shelling and setting off explosives in crowded buses, restaurants, markets, city squares and housing complexes ... More >>

Anne Else: When Is A T-Shirt Not Just A T-Shirt?

Monday, 6 September 2004, 3:11 am | Anne Else

Letter from Elsewhere with Anne Else When Is A T-Shirt Not Just A T-Shirt? More >>

Letter From Elsewhere: War Games

Wednesday, 9 April 2003, 10:27 am | Anne Else

This time last month, waiting for the invasion of Iraq to begin, I failed to write a Letter from Elsewhere. I just couldn’t think of anything that seemed worth saying, apart from “Don’t go there”. But of course, they went anyway. More >>