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Barbara O'Brien - Latest News [Page 1]

Barbara O'Brien: Up Downing Street

Thursday, 16 June 2005, 3:04 pm | Barbara O'Brien

Michael Isikoff and ark Hosenball today posted a Newsweek web exclusive called " From Downing Street to Captol Hill " that catches us up on the latest Downing Street developments. More >>

Mahablog: We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now

Tuesday, 14 June 2005, 3:49 pm | Barbara O'Brien

Let's all give a robust "WTF?" to this WaPo article from Saturday: The Pentagon awarded three contracts this week, potentially worth up to $300 million over five years, to companies it hopes will inject more creativity into its psychological operations ... More >>

Barbara O'Brien: Lynne Cheney's Ministry of Truth

Monday, 11 October 2004, 12:18 am | Barbara O'Brien

You'll remember that every time Hillary Clinton so much as hiccupped while her husband was president, the wingnuts would scream about power hunger and the "co-presidency." Yet the wife of a vice president can order 300,000 books burned, and hardly anyone ... More >>

Barbara O'Brien : How Bush Is Screwing Korea

Tuesday, 31 December 2002, 1:33 am | Barbara O'Brien

"He is, it has been suggested, ineffectual, lazy, stupid empty figurehead -- or all of the above," writes Martin Sieff of UPI . More >>

Barbara O’Brien: Another Henry Kissinger Article

Tuesday, 3 December 2002, 11:45 am | Barbara O'Brien

Julian Borger writes in The Guardian that Americans reacted to this appointment with "relief mixed with nostalgic affection," while Europeans were surprised to learn Kissinger was not dead or in jail. I knew he was not dead or in jail. But to this ... More >>

Barbara O’Brien: Playing Politics With Our Lives

Tuesday, 19 November 2002, 10:56 am | Barbara O'Brien

Creation of the Homeland Security Department will be the biggest reorganization of government since the Defense Department was established in 1947. The new department will combine the Coast Guard, the Customs Service, the Secret Service, the Federal ... More >>

US Elections 2002: America Lost

Thursday, 7 November 2002, 10:11 am | Barbara O'Brien

In a tragedy for America and the world, the Republican Party has taken control of both houses of the U.S. Congress. This means George W. Bush's disastrous agenda will be able to go forward unchecked. More >>

US Elections 2002: Notes On Election Eve

Tuesday, 5 November 2002, 4:43 pm | Barbara O'Brien

In a few hours the polls will open, and in a few more hours we’ll start to see some results. Representative government is not yet entirely dead in America. More >>

US Elections 2002: It's Fritz!

Thursday, 31 October 2002, 8:58 am | Barbara O'Brien

As I write, it is nearly certain that former Vice President Walter "Fritz" Mondale will replace the late Senator Paul Wellstone as the Minnesota Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. More >>

Senator Paul Wellstone - 1944-2002

Saturday, 26 October 2002, 7:43 pm | Barbara O'Brien

The loss of Senator Paul Wellstone is devastating to the United States, but more so for us aging baby boomers who remember 1960s liberalism when it was still bright and fresh and idealistic. Paul Wellstone fought the good fight for civil rights, ... More >>

Senator Wellstone, Minnesota, Dies In Plane Crash

Saturday, 26 October 2002, 9:58 am | Barbara O'Brien

Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, and his two daughters were killed today in a plane crash in northern Minnesota. The plane was a two-engine turboprop; five other people were on board and also killed. More >>

US Elections 2002: Florida - The Exceptional State

Thursday, 24 October 2002, 11:45 am | Barbara O'Brien

To the Bushes, familial loyalty knows no bounds, including ethical ones. The George W. Bush Administration banned oil drilling off the coast of Florida while pushing it elsewhere. It lavished money on saving the Everglades while ignoring other environmental ... More >>

US Elections 2002: Unconventional Wisdom

Wednesday, 16 October 2002, 4:46 pm | Barbara O'Brien

Unconventional Wisdom On Iraq - Home of the Brave (and Well-Armed) - Flori-duh - A Bush In The Dock More >>

US Elections 2002: Gulf Of Tonkin II Splits Dems.

Wednesday, 9 October 2002, 4:12 pm | Barbara O'Brien

The United States Constitution gives the power to declare war to Congress, not to the President. This provision has been challenged by many administrations through the years, including the current one. More >>

US Election 2002: Senate Races - A Runner Stumbles

Wednesday, 2 October 2002, 10:45 am | Barbara O'Brien

The sudden departure of Robert "The Torch" Torricelli from the New Jersey Senate race evokes no end of sports metaphors. He fumbled. He choked. He dropped the baton. He hit the wall. The Torch is passed. It looks bad for the Dem team. More >>

Barbara O’Brien: Open Letter To President Bush

Monday, 30 September 2002, 11:40 am | Barbara O'Brien

EDITOR’S NOTE: Barbara O’Brien, creator of the The Mahablog! will be providing regular Election 2002 commentary in the leadup to the US Mid Term elections due November 5th. More >>




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