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The Meningococcal Gold Rush - Second Edition

Monday, 30 May 2005, 2:16 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Scoop Editors' Note: Following publication on of Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law’s report, Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush [1] - a report into the flawed science and bad policy of the MeNZB™ vaccine - the Ministry of Health ... More >>

MeNZB(tm) Vaccination Campaign Starts Derailing

Friday, 20 May 2005, 1:24 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

"The Minister of Health has confirmed that none of the five deaths acknowledged as being due to meningococcal disease so far this year could have been prevented by the MeNZB(tm) vaccination programme," say risk & policy analyst Ron Law, and writer/researcher ... More >>

Making An Informed Choice, Meningococcal B Vaccine

Friday, 6 May 2005, 1:15 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

which is attached to ‘Wellington Cathedral St Paul’s’ (cnr Hill and Molesworth St, beside Parliament, free parking , gold coin entry fee ) More >>

Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush

Monday, 7 February 2005, 4:09 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

In announcing a major thorough investigation ( published at ), we reveal that the circumstances surrounding the policy and science of the meningococcal vaccine, MeNZB(tm) are not what the public has been lead to believe. More >>

Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush

Monday, 7 February 2005, 10:01 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

New Zealand's meningococcal disease story, as unravelled through analysis of previously secret documents obtained under the Official Information Act, reveals that the New Zealand government, media and public have been mislead and manipulated by officials, ... More >>

You Are The Heartland

Tuesday, 23 November 2004, 2:00 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Since the election my liberal inbox has been filled with screeds of hand-wringing articles dissecting the ascendancy of George W Bush. They all talk of winning back the heartland, reinvigorating true democracy, fighting the red-blue war of culture, ... More >>

Insight: Biology Of A Meningococcal Vax Company

Thursday, 11 November 2004, 9:42 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

New Zealanders will be familiar with Chiron Corporation – It is the company overseeing our meningococcal B vaccine (MeNZB™) trials. They are also manufacturing the vaccine and selling it back to our government. Aside from the conflicts of interest inherent ... More >>

IMMP / The Independent Safety Monitoring Board

Tuesday, 26 October 2004, 12:18 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

In July the British Medical Journal published an open letter to Health Minister Annette King from 35 international doctors decrying the dismantling of NZ’s medicines monitoring programme. Is New Zealand now in danger of drug-vax-dumping? More >>

POV: Friends and Acquaintances and Borders Defined

Monday, 24 March 2003, 11:06 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Point of View: After taking time out to finish her first novel, Bathing Naked, Barbara Sumner Burstyn couldn’t resist returning to print to reply to this letter from an LA based American acquaintance. More >>

Predators and their prey

Thursday, 14 November 2002, 11:23 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Point of View with Barbara Sumner Burstyn: In the ‘if it weren’t so tragic it might be funny’ file, David Lane the secretary for the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards has once again stumbled into the limelight. More >>

How to Score Ritalin - NZ Follows US Trend

Wednesday, 2 October 2002, 12:07 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

So the kids have wised up and following the US trend, have started dealing their Ritalin in the schoolyard. In New Zealand Ritalin retails for around $5 a tablet while in the States the street value is considerably higher – the equivalent of nearly ... More >>

Point of View - Does my dog have a soul?

Wednesday, 25 September 2002, 9:12 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

At an Animal Welfare conference in September, New Zealand author Richard Webster declared his dog Bruce had a soul. Bruce, said Webster, experienced joy, sadness and jealousy and had a reasoning ability. Webster’s comments sounded quaint and a ... More >>

The Racist Cacophony

Monday, 16 September 2002, 12:58 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Racists in our midst? Without doubt Winston Peters has won first place in the ‘racist we all love to hate,’ category. No right thinking, liberal minded person would embrace his philosophies. Even his deputy, Peter Brown landed in hot water over his comments ... More >>

Of Mice and Men

Monday, 9 September 2002, 2:24 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Sometimes a scientific breakthrough is so remarkable it stops you in your tracks. The announcement recently that Dr Ina Dobrinski, a researcher at The University of Pennsylvania has created mice with fleshy lumps on their backs is one of those. More >>

Minke Sushi

Monday, 2 September 2002, 10:22 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Some issues are so black and white they are never examined, let alone criticized. Like whaling. It’s obvious that every pro whaler is bad and all anti whalers are good. That’s why, when a guy like Paul Watson, the icon of anti-whalers weighs anchor ... More >>

For what ails you - A dose of pregnant mares urine

Tuesday, 27 August 2002, 8:46 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

With the recent high profile backtrack on the latest women’s wonder drug HRT; thousands of New Zealand women have gone on high alert. They’re terrified, as one of my Ponsonby friends reported over her soy latté, that the medical profession has once again used ... More >>

Pre-Crime Detection - It’s not all sci-fi

Tuesday, 20 August 2002, 9:33 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

In the new Tom Cruise movie Minority Report the police can predict with chilling accuracy just who will commit future crimes. The film is promoted as science fiction but if you look closely at a new report just released covering a study of 442 Dunedin ... More >>

The Sperm Barrier

Wednesday, 3 July 2002, 11:23 pm | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

So finally the sperm barrier has been breached with the opening last week of a British based service providing fresh sperm to anyone, but specifically lesbian couples, seeking a child. (NZ Herald 26.06.2002) Using the services website, ... More >>

POV: Educational Toys

Friday, 14 June 2002, 9:25 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

It seems a quaint notion now, but parenting used to be a fairly organic experience with the relationship between parent and child evolving in a natural way. But observing new parents you could be forgiven for thinking that today parenting is a whole different ... More >>

The Morality of Dodge Ball

Tuesday, 4 June 2002, 11:35 am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

They’re at it again, those stalwart protectors of the safety and well being of our children. In a recent Time magazine article: Scourge of the Playground, the magazine reported that more schools across America are joining the ban on Dodge Ball, saying ... More >>