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Brian Cloughley: Bush's Stacked Deck

Monday, 8 September 2003, 11:53 am | Brian Cloughley

Damon Runyon, in 'The Idyll of Miss Sarah Browne' (which became the musical 'Guys and Dolls'), delivered a cautionary tale through his character Obadiah Masterton, otherwise known on Broadway as The Sky, whose father offered him advice in lieu of ... More >>

Washington's Failures In Psychological Warfare

Thursday, 4 September 2003, 10:31 am | Brian Cloughley

The aim of psyops/psywar is to influence foreigners to alter their usual way of thinking, be that independently reasoned or imposed or encouraged by their own authorities. More >>

Brian Cloughley: When In Doubt, Lie Your Head Off

Tuesday, 26 August 2003, 12:20 am | Brian Cloughley

The Washington Post last Sunday commented on Iraq's supposed possession of nuclear weapons. "Bush evoked the mushroom cloud on Oct 7 [2002], and on Nov 12 General Tommy Franks, [then] chief of US Central Command, said inaction might bring "the sight ... More >>

What Has Happened To The US Army In Iraq?

Monday, 18 August 2003, 1:19 pm | Brian Cloughley

Recently there have been several reports of incidents in Iraq involving the killing of civilians by the US Army. There is no doubt that civilians are being killed in increasing numbers, and the matter of army involvement is apparently being investigated. More >>

Brian Cloughley: Wolfowitz's Operative Statement

Friday, 1 August 2003, 10:22 pm | Brian Cloughley

Last Sunday US deputy defense secretary Wolfowitz appeared on television networks to peddle the Bush administration's new line about why it invaded Iraq. More >>

Brian Cloughley: Blood On Their Hands

Wednesday, 23 July 2003, 1:42 pm | Brian Cloughley

Britain has been riven by the suicide of a decent man who apparently found life unbearable after he was insulted and bullied by a bunch of self-important prats whose position as members of the British parliament gives them immunity from similar treatment within ... More >>

Brian Cloughey: Bring 'Em On? No, Bring 'Em Back

Friday, 18 July 2003, 12:52 am | Brian Cloughley

Even for him it was an astonishingly crass statement. On July 2 when Bush was speaking about the shambles that he, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz have created in Iraq, he went on the political offensive. More >>

Leave the South China Sea to Asians

Monday, 14 July 2003, 9:54 am | Brian Cloughley

The gesture by China concerning non-violent resolution of regional difficulties is comforting, but we should not imagine for a moment that if military muscle is exerted by others, then Beijing will lie down like a purring pussy cat. More >>

They Tell Lies To Nodders

Wednesday, 9 July 2003, 9:11 am | Brian Cloughley

Last week a newspaper editor expressed surprise about my peacenik views and emailed me accordingly. "I wonder", he wrote, "if you could do a bit of self-psycho-analysis, and examine how a British-Australian former soldier of fairly mainstream views (as ... More >>

Oxymoron Warning - Saudi Human Rights Conference

Friday, 4 July 2003, 1:02 pm | Brian Cloughley

There are times when a truly surreal announcement rocks the mind out of its benevolent complacency and sets the little grey cells whirring in disbelief. More >>

Brian Cloughley: America And War Crimes

Wednesday, 18 June 2003, 12:28 am | Brian Cloughley

The US has bribed and bullied over thirty countries to help it cripple and if possible destroy the ICC, but the great majority of nations (including many of the bullied ones) consider it a major advance in international cooperation. More >>

Brian Cloughley: Media Tales From South Pacific

Wednesday, 11 June 2003, 12:51 am | Brian Cloughley

Tonga's form of governance can be described as a benevolent regal autocracy. Saudi Arabia with freedom for women and no religious police, perhaps. Or a more genial version of any of the Gulf States. The king is, well, King . . . More >>

Impartiality in Palestine

Tuesday, 3 June 2003, 9:27 am | Brian Cloughley

One wonders how many people in Washington have actually read the full text of the "Performance-based Road Map to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict". Precious few, to judge from the reaction on the part of influential figures ... More >>

Brian Cloughley: Iran - Don't Fence It In

Thursday, 29 May 2003, 2:23 pm | Brian Cloughley

In order to protect itself against plots hatched by US-funded dissidents the government will extend surveillance and control of moderates to the extent of repressing such freedoms as already exist. Those attempting to speak in support of liberty will be ... More >>

Jayson Bush and Pinocchio Blair

Monday, 26 May 2003, 2:12 pm | Brian Cloughley

Jayson Blair was a reporter for The New York Times who fooled his employers and readers by making up stories. Until a few weeks ago he embroidered, faked and invented reports that were printed in the now embarrassed NYT and was eventually found out and fired. More >>

Pressures on the U.S. State Department

Wednesday, 21 May 2003, 6:18 pm | Brian Cloughley

A Former Military Officer Writes: There should be a shake-up in the manner Washington handles foreign policy. The first thing that should happen is official barring of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz from commenting on matters other than defence in its most ... More >>

Rumsfeld's Amateurs In Iraq

Monday, 19 May 2003, 1:46 pm | Brian Cloughley

The study of war covers much more than examination and analysis of the application of force - or should do if undertaken properly. The Principles of War, as ameliorated by commonsense and strategic imperatives, with a well-considered approach to cooperative ... More >>