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National Children’s Day supported by the industry

Thursday, 1 March 2018, 11:43 am | Children's Day

A leading educational psychologist says becoming more attuned to other people’s needs is one of the many things individuals can do to help our children and their families thrive as the country celebrates National Children’s Day this Sunday. More >>

All kids catered to this Children’s day

Thursday, 26 February 2015, 9:53 am | Children's Day

Whether your child is the ultimate Frozen Super fan, a future triathlete or a master of talking like a pirate there is an event for them this Children’s day. More >>

‘Listening and Talking’ theme for Children’s Day

Thursday, 26 February 2009, 9:40 am | Children's Day

More than three hundred events have been organised across New Zealand to celebrate the ninth National Children’s Day on Sunday, 1 March 2009. More >>

Children’s Day celebrated in many countries of the

Monday, 26 February 2007, 3:58 pm | Children's Day

New Zealand is not the only country to celebrate a National Children’s Day. Some countries began celebrating their own Children’s Days as early as the 1940s. New Zealand’s Children’s Day was established in the year 2000 with the vision of ... More >>

Not many sleeps until National Children’s Day!

Monday, 19 February 2007, 4:08 pm | Children's Day

The Children's Day National Steering Group is encouraging New Zealand families to get involved in National Children’s Day on Sunday 4 March, and with more than 500 events already registered and hundreds of thousands of children and families expected ... More >>

Cowley encourages celebration of Children's Day

Monday, 2 October 2006, 9:58 am | Children's Day

Award-winning children’s author Joy Cowley is passionate about New Zealand’s National Children’s Day. She sees it as a day where children should be treated like royalty. More >>

Start planning now for Children’s Day 2007

Monday, 13 March 2006, 12:40 am | Children's Day

start planning now for Children’s Day 2007 More >>

Children’s Day enriching for all

Tuesday, 11 October 2005, 4:15 pm | Children's Day

“Children’s Day is always an opportunity for us to celebrate the young people in our lives and in the wider community,” says Barnardos Chief Executive Murray Edridge. “And this year the celebration theme reminds us of what all children universally ... More >>

Love and Affection Central Theme of Children’s Day

Thursday, 6 October 2005, 11:19 am | Children's Day

Every year Children’s Day centres on a key theme. This year’s theme is ‘love and affection.’ “Without love and affection our children fail to grow and thrive,” says Child, Youth and Family CEO Paula Tyler. “Hugs and positive affirmation can make ... More >>