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Exercise Suburban Wave - Update Friday 19 May 06

Friday, 19 May 2006, 4:51 pm | Community Emergency Supplies

Exercise Suburban Wave – a community initiative instigated by a survival supply company – is ready to happen this Saturday at Noon. Spurred by a passionate belief that the country’s preparedness is the responsibility of all individuals, Exercise ... More >>

Conduct Your Own Disaster Preparedness Exercise

Wednesday, 17 May 2006, 5:16 pm | Community Emergency Supplies

New Zealanders don't have to wait for the media, local councils, or Government Ministries to be prepared. Whilst senior Civil Defence and Emergency Management officials from 28 countries around the Pacific region are conducting tsunami drills, people across ... More >>

Tsunami Raises Issues of Preparedness

Thursday, 4 May 2006, 6:06 pm | Community Emergency Supplies

The head of a New Zealand emergency supplies company has raised concerns over the standard of preparedness of New Zealanders. More >>

New Zealanders need to save themselves

Friday, 24 March 2006, 10:08 am | Community Emergency Supplies

One of New Zealand's largest disaster survival companies is upset at political point scoring at the expense of civil defence. Greg Blanchard, Managing Director of Community Emergency Supplies Ltd, says National MP John Carter is not helping by raising fears ... More >>

Wake Up New Zealand!

Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 9:39 am | Community Emergency Supplies

There are two types of New Zealanders: those who believe in being prepared, and those who laugh at people who prepare. More >>

The Little Horse With The Big Message

Friday, 23 December 2005, 10:19 am | Community Emergency Supplies

When Carolyn Brown goes to the beach with her pet, the response she gets from members of the public is far from normal. More >>