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Dump harmful helmet law, say cyclists

Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 11:26 am | Cycling Health

Cycling advocates are calling for the bicycle helmet law to be dumped, after a Massey University study has found the law acts as a deterrent for some cyclists. More >>

Cycling Health slams skewed helmet reporting

Monday, 10 October 2005, 10:34 am | Cycling Health

The group, formed in 2002, advocates safe cycling practices and repeal of the mandatory helmet law. More >>

"Dump harmful helmet law!" say cyclists

Tuesday, 1 June 2004, 8:36 am | Cycling Health

Cycling Health member Patrick Morgan has been granted an exemption from the mandatory bicycle helmet requirement. In 2003 he applied for an exemption on “reasonable grounds”, as permitted in the helmet regulation. The Director of Land Transport declined his ... More >>

UK Avoids Repeating NZ's Health & Safety Disaster

Tuesday, 27 April 2004, 3:17 pm | Cycling Health

On Friday 23 April the UK Parliament rejected a Private Member's Bill to introduce a law requiring the wearing of cycle helmets by those under 16. More >>

Medical Doctor To Defend Bicycle Helmet Charge

Tuesday, 9 December 2003, 10:39 am | Cycling Health

Anaesthetist Dr. Peter Keller will defend a charge of bicycling without a helmet in the Wellington District Court on Friday the 12th of December. He is over 60 years old and has bicycled in over 50 countries. More >>

Taupo Cyclist Threatened With Lock-up By Police

Wednesday, 3 December 2003, 4:38 pm | Cycling Health

A Taupo policeman threatened to lock up cyclist and Cycling Health member Graeme Trass, after stopping him for bicycling without a helmet. The threat was made on State Highway 1 on the Taupo lakefront yesterday at 12:45 p.m. More >>

Dump Harmful Helmet Law Say Cyclists

Wednesday, 12 November 2003, 3:55 pm | Cycling Health

Cycling Health member Patrick Morgan has appealed the Director of Land Transport's decision to decline his application for an exemption from the mandatory bicycle helmet requirement. The case will be heard in the Wellington District Court on Thursday ... More >>

Cycling Health Opposes Helmet Law

Wednesday, 10 September 2003, 8:10 am | Cycling Health

Cycling Health is a national organisation of cyclists which exists to promote cycling as a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and convenient form of transport. We oppose the bicycle helmet law because: More >>

Helmet charges Result in Court Sequel

Wednesday, 3 September 2003, 6:53 pm | Cycling Health

Cycling Health founder member Graeme Trass of Taupo and Dunedin member Gregor Campbell will attend court in their respective islands on 17 September 2003 to defend charges of failing to wear an approved helmet while cycling. Wellington member Dr Peter Keller ... More >>

Dump silly helmet law say cyclists

Monday, 12 May 2003, 9:14 am | Cycling Health

Cycling Health, a new group which lobbies for safer cycling, has strongly criticised New Zealand's compulsory bicycle helmet law. More >>