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Dairy Meats Special General Meeting

Monday, 29 November 2004, 9:31 am | Dairy Meats

The Board of Dairy Meats has unanimously agreed to recommend to shareholders of the company that they accept an offer from AFFCO New Zealand Limited to purchase the business and assets of the company. More >>

Dairy Meats To Look At Sale Option

Friday, 15 October 2004, 3:12 pm | Dairy Meats

Dairy Meats New Zealand Ltd. the co-operatively-owned processor and marketer of calf products has invited expressions of interest from parties for the purchase of its principal assets. More >>

Off-road bobby calf collections

Friday, 21 March 2003, 6:31 pm | Dairy Meats

Dairy Meats will this season offer off-road collection of bobby calves to dairy farmer suppliers in the main dairy farming areas of Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki. More >>

Extra payout tops off 2002 season for Dairy Meats

Friday, 10 January 2003, 11:51 am | Dairy Meats

Dairy farmer-owned bobby calf processor, Dairy Meats NZ Ltd, has announced its top up payment for bobby calves supplied during the 2002 season. More >>

Dairy Meats bobby calf payout forecast reviewed

Friday, 18 October 2002, 9:22 am | Dairy Meats

Dairy Meats NZ Ltd has continued to review its forecast of total payout for bobby calves for the current season, and whilst it is expecting the final payout to ease from early-season predictions, it believes it will remain well above the levels indicated ... More >>

Dairy Meats continues record performance

Monday, 14 October 2002, 9:51 am | Dairy Meats

The farmer-owned calf processing cooperative, Dairy Meats NZ Ltd, has turned in another record performance for the 2001-02 financial year. More >>

Payment secure with Dairy Meats

Wednesday, 12 June 2002, 8:35 am | Dairy Meats

Dairy Meats NZ Ltd is reassuring dairy farmers of security of payment for bobby calves following a number of meat companies reporting losses and several stock and meat company collapses in recent months which has left many farmers out of pocket. More >>