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Dan Spillane: Way-low US Interest Rates Backfired

Thursday, 3 February 2005, 11:09 am | Dan Spillane

The recent flurry of US acquisitions and mergers is being attributed to several factors. First, record low US interest rates for an extended period have led to bubbly stock prices, providing the capital and confidence permitting corporate CEOs to reel in ... More >>

Baby New Year 2005 - Set to Deliver Knockout Punch

Saturday, 1 January 2005, 1:18 pm | Dan Spillane

While there has been quite a bit of speculation concerning the effect of the weak dollar on US corporate profits and employment, specific evidence has now emerged—and the result isn’t what many expect. Indeed, US stock markets have rallied significantly ... More >>

2004 Christmas Miracle Seen "From The East"

Wednesday, 22 December 2004, 11:21 am | Dan Spillane

In any normal year, Christmas retail sales are seen as critically important the US economy. But 2004 is no normal year; rather, it is a ''miracle'' year where no one need be burdened with payment, even for such mundane trifles as government expenditures ... More >>

Land Of The "Free-Money"- Home Of The Broke

Thursday, 2 December 2004, 11:42 am | Dan Spillane

Years from now, historians will struggle to explain how so many trusted US institutions fell so quickly with the dawn of the 21st century, and the election of Mr. Bush. More >>

US Should Stand Down Criticism Of Ukraine Election

Friday, 26 November 2004, 10:14 am | Dan Spillane

While there has been widespread criticism of recent elections in Ukraine, where Putin’s central power system may have unfairly trounced the pro-western candidate favored in election exit polls, far less attention has been given to similar (and perhaps ... More >>

Dan Spillane: Con Job Finger-Pointing

Thursday, 14 October 2004, 1:44 pm | Dan Spillane

(SEATTLE) 10/13/04 -- Bill Gross’s " Haute Con Job ” (Pimco, October 2004) drew quick criticism from Bloomberg’s John Berry and the Fed’s William Poole, according to the latest exchange in Gross’s rebuttal . More >>

US Economic Figures ''Cooked'' Before Election

Friday, 17 September 2004, 12:28 am | Dan Spillane

US Economic Figures ''Cooked'' Before Election More >>

Housing Bubble Reaches 'Profound' Stage

Monday, 9 August 2004, 1:48 pm | Dan Spillane

New signs are rapidly emerging that a dangerous house pricing bubble has taken hold in the US. What's surprising is where the most troubling signs are found -- in arguments of individuals claiming there is no such bubble, from such places as Fannie Mae and ... More >>

US Mortgage Prices in Computer ‘Infinite Loop’

Wednesday, 5 May 2004, 9:23 am | Dan Spillane

- Ad-hoc computer programs increasingly influence home buying, but are devoid of proper economic study - "Computer speed" being translated to "home price rises" based on standard economic models; dangerously "amplifying" ultra-low interest rates More >>

Builders Facing Inflation, Ponder Bankruptcy

Tuesday, 6 April 2004, 10:50 am | Dan Spillane

It's happening all across the country. Builders for all kinds of projects, from bridges to homes, are faced with skyrocketing prices for everything from plywood to steel. Now, according to industry insiders, builders and contractors may be facing bankruptcy. More >>

Dan Spillane: Outsourcing - The "Divider Effect"

Friday, 2 April 2004, 11:20 am | Dan Spillane

A long-proven axiom in economics is known as the "multiplier effect." Specifically, it is an established fact that each US job generated or kept, multiple other jobs are generated. This is particularly true of higher-paying white-collar jobs. The ... More >>

Dan Spillane: US PPI Inflation Index 'Missing'

Wednesday, 10 March 2004, 3:09 pm | Dan Spillane

March 8 - The US Bureau which reports an important US inflation index has postponed indefinitely releasing the figures. The US Producer Price Index (PPI) has not been released for January, and will not be for February either. More >>

Dan Spillane: The McMansions Which Ate Your Job

Monday, 8 March 2004, 12:57 am | Dan Spillane

Once again, net job growth in the US economy is negative, even while a record number of workers are already unemployed (1). Once again, the administration quotes record GDP growth -- which occurred without job growth. More >>

Liberty Whistle Telegraphs Greenspan Concerns

Thursday, 4 March 2004, 12:23 am | Dan Spillane

-Both concerns raised previously in CCA reports have been since raised as major by Fed Chairman Greenspan -First comprehensive evidence of housing "bubble": debt, inventories, prices paid for materials More >>

Dan Spillane: Economic Failure In The Bush Admin.

Monday, 1 March 2004, 12:59 am | Dan Spillane

Recently, Democrats called for the resignation of Greg Mankiw, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and a prominent Harvard University economist. More >>

Dan Spillane: Japan Reserves on Edge of Collapse

Wednesday, 18 February 2004, 12:14 am | Dan Spillane

Japan does not have several months foreign reserve holdings left for US assets, as previously thought, because $650 billion in holdings--almost the entire amount--is already used up. More >>

Dan Spillane: Fed's Main Economic Yardstick Broken

Friday, 13 February 2004, 11:25 am | Dan Spillane

-Inflation index "preferred" by Federal Reserve has serious "circular" problems which so far haven't been acknowledged, same problem as alternate CPI index More >>

Dan Spillane: Fed Speaks, But Can't Call Jobs Home

Friday, 13 February 2004, 11:25 am | Dan Spillane

Alan Greenspan says a continuing worry is that the Fed policy could become ''improperly calibrated'' to economic developments. Indeed -- ''fedspeak'' -- what does he mean? More >>

Whistle Blown on Fancy Auto Loan CPI Racket

Wednesday, 4 February 2004, 12:49 am | Dan Spillane

-Cars prices reported as "falling" in CPI, even though big car cos. inflating financing and volumes (UPDATE 4) More >>

Dan Spillane: ''Black Hole'' Found in US Economy

Wednesday, 21 January 2004, 2:06 pm | Dan Spillane

In a troubling sign that accounting problems have grown beyond corporate balance sheets, two of the main economic gauges used by Wall Street, banks, and in the calculation of Social Security payments have been found to contain serious problems. More >>