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Dennis Hans: My Name Is Rummy and I Have a Problem

Wednesday, 5 November 2003, 11:04 am | Dennis Hans

The problem: A president and senior officials who cannot control their need to deceive the public. The solution: A system of hand signals that alerts the public to the nature of the impending deception. More >>

Dennis Hans: Seymour Hersh’s Pipedream

Friday, 24 October 2003, 4:30 pm | Dennis Hans

Seymour Hersh has been had by a CIA has-been. A ''former senior CIA officer'' has gotten him to credit and peddle a preposterous tale about the Niger-uranium forgeries. More >>

Dossier Blows Up in Faces of Blair and Bush

Monday, 20 October 2003, 12:41 am | Dennis Hans

Brits had African-uranium intelligence from only two sources and about only one nation — Niger. Worse, only one of the sources directly supported the uranium statement in Blair’s dossier cited by Bush in the State of the Union address: the source that ... More >>

Limbaugh's Top-Ten Overrated Athletes of All Time

Friday, 17 October 2003, 11:24 am | Dennis Hans

Note from Dennis Hans: I’d like to wish the Rushman well as he attempts to kick his addiction to painkillers. The following article is based on an imaginary conversation Rush and I had two weeks before he publicly acknowledged his problem. Without further ... More >>

Dennis Hans: In (Partial) Praise of Robert Novak

Friday, 10 October 2003, 10:55 am | Dennis Hans

As a thoughtful fellow whose politics are a tad left of center, I don’t agree too often with Robert Novak, the staunchly conservative syndicated columnist and CNN talking head. But opinion outlets would be far better places if more members of the ... More >>

Rice is Right About "Enrichment" of Intelligence

Wednesday, 1 October 2003, 12:14 am | Dennis Hans

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice committed an act of plagiarism on the September 28 edition of Fox News Sunday. In response to a fair-and-balanced question, she acknowledged that “there was an enrichment of the intelligence from 1998 over ... More >>

Passive Deceit & the Death of David Kelly

Wednesday, 24 September 2003, 10:35 am | Dennis Hans

If spy chiefs or Defense Minister Geoff Hoon had corrected the media and public’s misinterpretation of the 45-minute claim, Kelly would likely be alive today - Dennis Hans reports. More >>

Dennis Hans: What Is ''Assessed Intelligence''?

Wednesday, 10 September 2003, 11:08 am | Dennis Hans

What Is ''Assessed Intelligence''? The question arises in conjunction with the crisis of credibility engulfing British Prime Minister Tony Blair. More >>

Dennis Hans: British Intelligence Is an Oxymoron

Thursday, 4 September 2003, 10:31 am | Dennis Hans

A confidential memo to Tony Blair’s director of communications and strategy, Alastair Campbell, from the chairman of Great Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), John Scarlett, has left me shaken AND stirred. If this gentleman embodies British ... More >>

Dennis Hans: African Uranium, The Scarlett Dossier

Tuesday, 26 August 2003, 10:08 am | Dennis Hans

Suppose you wrote what you claim to be the ''definitive biography'' of George Washington. In the Introduction you say that it is your ''judgment'' that George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. More >>

Dennis Hans: Know Means Know, Unless…

Monday, 11 August 2003, 1:15 pm | Dennis Hans

Unless, that is, you’re the president addressing the nation or senior aides explaining the Niger gaffe to dim, servile Washington journalists More >>

Undeleted Uranium And The Highest Standard

Monday, 28 July 2003, 10:39 am | Dennis Hans

Recent flap highlights administration’s different standards of accuracy, depending on the speaker, setting and audience - By Dennis Hans More >>

Dennis Hans: Mama Mia, What a Con!

Friday, 18 July 2003, 11:38 am | Dennis Hans

How the Italians — perhaps with U.S. neocon help — suckered the Brits into believing and promoting the African-uranium fable. More >>

Dennis Hans: Sixteen Dishonest Words

Wednesday, 16 July 2003, 10:28 am | Dennis Hans

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how the Bush administration had such an easy time persuading much of the news media of the necessity to wage war on Iraq, simply look at their performance over the weekend. More >>

Italian Connection is Key to Niger Connection

Friday, 11 July 2003, 9:58 am | Dennis Hans

Did U.S. intelligence use Italian intelligence to con British intelligence into believing what U.S. intelligence knew to be a lie — that Iraq sought uranium from Africa for use in a nuclear weapons program? Is that the “back story” behind this discredited ... More >>

Dennis Hans: Bushies Stole My Con!

Tuesday, 8 July 2003, 10:39 am | Dennis Hans

Back in February, when I began cataloging the ''techniques of deceit'' the Bush administration was employing to sell the public on the need to invade and occupy Iraq, I never would have thought that the administration would stoop to stealing one of my own. More >>

Dennis Hans: Of Mice and (Con) Men

Wednesday, 2 July 2003, 11:08 am | Dennis Hans

The buildup to the invasion of Iraq revealed most of our national-security bureaucrats and journalists to be mice, no match for the men who marshaled all manner of questionable, false or even forged evidence to make their case. The men led — make that “misled” ... More >>

Dennis Hans: Lily Gilder Or Liar?

Thursday, 26 June 2003, 10:02 am | Dennis Hans

Here’s the problem with all the euphemisms mainstream commentators use in their strenuous efforts not to brand President George W. Bush a liar: He’s not entitled to a single one. More >>

Dennis Hans: David Brinkley’s Real Legacy

Monday, 23 June 2003, 11:01 am | Dennis Hans

I’m going to miss David Brinkley. No, I wasn’t a fan. Although I give him high marks for his courtesy, decency and wry wit, I didn’t care for his brand of “journalism” — at least the kind he practiced at ABC. I’ll miss him because I made a small fortune ... More >>

How Saddam Brought Down the Mother of All Editors

Wednesday, 11 June 2003, 9:07 am | Dennis Hans

Sources within the New York Times say Howell Raines would still be executive editor if only he had refrained from pressuring publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to sign off on a major investigative story that, it turned out, simply was not fit to print. More >>