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Public Meeting for a GE free New Zealand

Monday, 13 August 2001, 9:32 am | Ecoaction

On Monday, August 13th, at 7 pm a public meeting will be held in Thistle Hall for anyone concerned about the recommendations from the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification. The meeting is aimed at bringing together all peoples who are concerned with the ... More >>

Students Present Map For A GE Free NZ

Thursday, 26 July 2001, 11:58 am | Ecoaction

At noon on Friday July 27th Victoria University students from the environmental group Ecoaction will join members of the public at Parliament to call for a genetic engineering free New Zealand. The group are presenting to Jeanette Fitzsimons a map containing ... More >>

Cows Spark Anti-GE Protest

Friday, 18 May 2001, 9:42 am | Ecoaction

Students from Victoria University environmental group Ecoaction will hold an anti-genetic engineering protest at the High Court tomorrow. The protest focuses on the appeal of AgResearch of the High Court decision to terminate their current research involving ... More >>