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Fighting Talk: Living Fast

Wednesday, 20 July 2005, 3:53 pm | Fighting Talk

This week, Fighting Talk takes a trip to Montreal, considers illegal drugs, goes to jail, meets a girl and has a parade. More >>

Fighting Talk this Week: Taking on the World

Thursday, 14 July 2005, 11:25 am | Fighting Talk

This week on Fighting Talk: a guest post from London, ruminations on national days and jailed journalists from Hamish, and lashings of random out from Lyndon. More >>

Fighting Talk: Blackball Blackballers, Dead Iraqis

Wednesday, 18 May 2005, 5:05 pm | Fighting Talk

This week on Fighting Talk, we're annoyed about stuff we don't like. Bust out the pitch-forks:Vigilante justice on the West Coast? I can believe it.Things I've Been Meaning to Bitch About 1: Saturday's Dom Post ran a story from The Times. More >>

Fighting Talk this Week: Pretty

Wednesday, 11 May 2005, 3:30 pm | Fighting Talk

This week on Fighting Talk, pretty new girl Sarah moves her stuff, Hamish gets pretty worked up about drinking laws and reports in from Canada (which is pretty near the USA) and Lyndon pretty much gives up on right-wing blogs. More >>

Against the Execution of Mr George Hawkins

Friday, 4 March 2005, 4:45 pm | Fighting Talk

I now suggest that to execute George Hawkins - for example, by hanging him and placing his head on a spike in the centre of the parliament chamber - may not be the best possible move at the present time. More >>

Fighting Talk - Ripped From Yesterday's Headlines

Friday, 11 February 2005, 11:19 am | Fighting Talk

I discover - via National Radio's breakfast show though apparently the Dom Post broke it - that as part of a week-long trial posties in Petone and Eastbourne have been talking into microphones as they go. Recording notes about the paint on the houses. ... More >>

FIGHTING TALK – A January Blockbuster

Wednesday, 26 January 2005, 9:17 am | Fighting Talk

A lapse in Fighting Talk arriving last week has lead to an absolute blockbuster - sit back and enjoy! More >>

FIGHTING TALK - re-start the internet

Thursday, 13 January 2005, 9:31 am | Fighting Talk

This week... Lyndon Hood: I thought that rather than compiling my own top 20 best-of-2004-lists list... And Hamish McKenzie: Here in Mexico we are in the depths of winter. The mercury, its core chilled by the frosty skies, struggles to the mid 20s, and the locals laugh ... More >>

FIGHTING TALK - Tsunami survivor

Wednesday, 29 December 2004, 2:39 pm | Fighting Talk

A close friend of mine was swept away from his breakfast table on a Thai beach by the most devastating natural disaster in my living memory. More >>

Fighting Talk - An Ecstasy Of Posts

Wednesday, 22 December 2004, 11:31 am | Fighting Talk

The comparison is a little icky, but bear with me: why is it that chopsticks - a traditional, Eastern way of eating - are okay, exotic, and becoming part of "high-culture" in Western society, while squat toilets - a traditional, Eastern way of taking a ... More >>

Fighting Talk - Geoff, Linda And Maggie

Thursday, 16 December 2004, 4:08 pm | Fighting Talk

The surprise announcement that Margaret Wilson will be the next Speaker of the House - that is, Parliament's version of a square leg umpire provided by the batting team, who already get the benefit of the doubt - has been met with some pretty harsh opposition. ... More >>

Fighting Talk Digest – Cricketal

Thursday, 9 December 2004, 1:43 pm | Fighting Talk

The term 'political correctness' has become intensely pejorative since it started appearing in dictionaries in the early 90s. It's ironic (as in, /genuinely/ ironic; not like Alanis Morrisette) that things like gender-inclusive language have been ... More >>

Scoop Blogwatch: Fighting Talk - Blogging Mana

Wednesday, 1 December 2004, 9:59 am | Fighting Talk

Dear Pastors Bev and Peter, and Mr Adams, Greetings! I read in the North Shore Times and the Sunday Star-Times that you have begun a three-week-long fast to protest against ''the moral slide of our nation'', and may I congratulate you on your decision. More >>

FIGHTINGTALK - right-wing sneering

Thursday, 25 November 2004, 10:27 am | Fighting Talk

Now, Aaron. If you're not too busy quoting other bloggers without linking to them or being unelected or something, I'd like a word. I wouldn't normally be offended (and I certainly wouldn't be surprised) by a right-wing ideologue sneering at somebody ... More >>

Fighting Talk Digest: Scam I Am

Wednesday, 17 November 2004, 10:47 am | Fighting Talk

The say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And going I have been, much like a rampant infection of the clappers. As you might have noted, work has been keeping me busy, but fortunately some of the fruits of my labour have been allowed ... More >>

Fighting Talk: Swinging Voting And Reading

Wednesday, 3 November 2004, 10:49 am | Fighting Talk

At the time of writing it's too early to tell whose attempt to win the American 'swinging voters' has been most successful. Regular readers may realise that I'm not a 'swinger' myself (though I have done some personal research into the subject). At first glance ... More >>

Fighting Talk - Rioting Consultants

Thursday, 28 October 2004, 11:42 am | Fighting Talk

As anyone who has tried to keep track of me in the past year - Hi, Mum - can tell you, I'm having trouble staying still. It was never meant to happen like this, but for the next few months I'm a resident of Blenheim. More >>

Fighting Talk - Superman, You're Laughing

Wednesday, 20 October 2004, 1:35 pm | Fighting Talk

An Englishman, an Irishman and an Algerian walk into a bar. The Englishman and the Irishman each order a drink, and the Algerian asks for a review of his security risk certificate. The bartender looks them up and down and says, ''Sorry, I don’t do political ... More >>

Fighting Talk - Scripted Blood

Wednesday, 13 October 2004, 12:19 am | Fighting Talk

Simon Pound appears to have caught a wiff of blood in the air: ''In other news, how funny is the intellectual ping-pong between Cohen, Nippert, and the ice skating rink? Barbs flying like a battle on the Nation's letters page, except none of the ... More >>

Fighting Talk – Elections And The Ginger Media

Wednesday, 6 October 2004, 12:19 am | Fighting Talk

WANTED: Journalistic protégé to acerbic and elegant New Conservatives spokesman. Must enjoy rambling romps along headlined beaches, support the state of Israel and prefer Soft News. Knowledge of html and blogging admired (and deeply needed). NSOH. ... More >>





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