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Sudan/Darfur: Test for “Humanitarian” Aggression

Thursday, 2 April 2009, 3:20 pm | Glen Ford

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir had no choice but to expel the western "aid" organizations that had merged with the American propaganda machine aimed at regime change in Khartoum. Obama operatives like UN Ambassador Susan Rice have for years been "eager to blockade ... More >>

The End of Thanksgivings: A Cause for Rejoice

Thursday, 27 November 2008, 10:59 am | Glen Ford

Nobody but Americans celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of "the founders" as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No Halloween of the imagination can rival the exterminationist ... More >>

Buccaneers In Somali Waters - They're Not Somalis

Friday, 21 November 2008, 10:45 am | Glen Ford

So far this year, at least two dozen vessels have been boarded and seized by armed men off the coast of Somalia, the latest a Saudi Arabian supertanker capable of carrying two million barrels of oil. I'm avoiding using the term "pirates" because there is ... More >>