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Is This The End Of The French Project In Africa’s Sahel?

Friday, 20 May 2022, 6:39 am | Globetrotter

By Vijay Prashad / Globetrotter On May 15, 2022, the military junta in Mali announced that it would no longer be part of the G5 Sahel platform. The G5 Sahel was created in Nouakchott, Mauritania, in 2014, and brought together the governments of Burkina ... More >>

India Has A Key Role To Play In A Possible New World Order

Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 6:47 am | Globetrotter

By Prasanth Radhakrishnan / Globetrotter In the first half of April 2022, India’s External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar made some revealing remarks at a press conference in Washington, D.C. He was standing beside U.S. Secretary of State ... More >>

Why ‘Bolivia Is The Center Of The World’ For People’s Movements

Sunday, 15 May 2022, 6:15 pm | Globetrotter

By Rogelio Mayta / Globetrotter Humanity finds itself at a crucial moment. It’s not only war and climate change that threaten life on our planet. Ideologies and some people do too. We know that money and the production of wealth and well-being ... More >>

Jeremy Corbyn: It’s Not Enough To Resist—We Have To Build, Too

Saturday, 14 May 2022, 7:48 pm | Globetrotter

By Jeremy Corbyn / Globetrotter In April, the UN’s climate scientists warned it’s “now or never” to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. You can almost hear them screaming at their keyboards, desperate for governments ... More >>

The Ukraine War Is Accelerating The New Space Race

Friday, 13 May 2022, 7:22 am | Globetrotter

The suspension of collaborative projects between Russian and Western space agencies will enhance their traditional rivalries. But the new space race is also being driven by other countries—as well as private companies. By John P. Ruehl / Globetrotter ... More >>

Remembering Inge Deutschkron, A Force Of Nature Holocaust Survivor

Friday, 13 May 2022, 7:19 am | Globetrotter

The death of a legend who outwitted Nazis in wartime Berlin. By Evelyn Leopold / Globetrotter Inge Deutschkron, Holocaust survivor, author, and lecturer, was a force of nature. She died at the age of 99 on March 9, 2022, and was buried on April 8 ... More >>

Why Latin America Needs A New World Order

Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 6:25 am | Globetrotter

By Marco Fernandes / Globetrotter The world wants to see an end to the conflict in Ukraine. The NATO countries, however, want to prolong the conflict by increasing arms shipments to Ukraine and by declaring that they want to “ weaken Russia .” ... More >>

Why Won’t Europe Call For An End To This War?

Thursday, 5 May 2022, 6:16 pm | Globetrotter

By Boaventura de Sousa Santos / Globetrotter The North Atlantic media is entangled in an unprecedented information war. It is characterized by a relentless erosion of the distinction between facts and the manipulation of emotions and perceptions, ... More >>

Why Nonalignment Is An Urgent Imperative For The Global South

Tuesday, 3 May 2022, 5:42 am | Globetrotter

By Nontobeko Hlela / Globetrotter South Africa and other countries that have abstained from voting against Russia at the United Nations General Assembly in response to the war in Ukraine face intense international criticism. In South Africa, the domestic ... More >>

Jeremy Corbyn: Now, Let Us Talk Peace

Wednesday, 27 April 2022, 6:07 am | Globetrotter

With Russian shells raining down on Ukrainian cities, an uneasy ceasefire in Yemen, the attack on Palestinians at prayer in Jerusalem and many other conflicts around the world, it might seem to some to be inappropriate to talk about peace. When a ... More >>

Western-Led Globalization Might End, But The New Globalization Might Have An Eastern Face

Tuesday, 19 April 2022, 11:43 am | Globetrotter

An article written by authors John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge for Bloomberg on March 24 sounded the alarm to announce the end of “the second great age of globalization.” The Western trade war and sanctions against China that predated the pandemic have ... More >>

Now Is The Time For Nonalignment And Peace

Tuesday, 19 April 2022, 5:50 am | Globetrotter

War is an ugly part of the human experience. Everything about it is hideous. War is most obviously the act of invasion and the brutality that goes along with its operations. No war is precise; every war hurts civilians. Each act of bombardment ... More >>

‘We Will Prevail’: A Conversation With Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel

Saturday, 9 April 2022, 5:37 am | Globetrotter

By Manolo De Los Santos / Globetrotter In 1994, Miguel Díaz-Canel began a new position in Santa Clara, not far from his birthplace of Placetas, as the provincial secretary of the Cuban Communist Party. He set aside the air-conditioned car given to him and ... More >>

Washington Watches As China And Latin America Deepen Their Ties

Thursday, 7 April 2022, 6:26 pm | Globetrotter

By Marco Fernandes / Globetrotter Less than a week after the start of Russia’s military intervention, Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, senior director of Western Hemisphere affairs at the U.S. National Security Council, in an interview with Voice of America ... More >>

Europe Is Sleepwalking Into Another World War

Tuesday, 5 April 2022, 5:46 am | Globetrotter

By Boaventura de Sousa Santos / Globetrotter More than 100 years after World War I, Europe’s leaders are sleepwalking toward a new all-out war. In 1914, the European governments believed that the war would last three weeks; it lasted four years and ... More >>

Hunger Stalks Central Asia As The Ukraine War Unfolds

Sunday, 27 March 2022, 7:04 pm | Globetrotter

By Vijay Prashad / Globetrotter On March 16, 2022, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev delivered his State of the Nation address in Nur-Sultan. Most of Tokayev’s speech was about the political reforms in Kazakhstan he had either accomplished or ... More >>

What Would A Potential CSTO Intervention In Ukraine Look Like?

Friday, 25 March 2022, 7:11 am | Globetrotter

While Russia’s original and shifting objectives in Ukraine remain unclear, the Kremlin is increasingly wary of a publicized, drawn-out conflict. A potential intervention by its military alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), could ... More >>

Central Asia Struggles With The Consequences Of Russia’s War

Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 6:37 pm | Globetrotter

By Vijay Prashad / Globetrotter During the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Antalya, Turkey, which took place from March 11 to March 13, 2022, the Kyrgyz Republic’s Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev told Helga Maria Schmid, the secretary-general of the Organization ... More >>

Understanding The War In Ukraine

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 10:16 am | Globetrotter

By Vijay Prashad / Globetrotter The war between Russia and Ukraine began much before February 24, 2022—the date provided by the Ukrainian government, NATO and the United States for the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Dmitry ... More >>

How Pakistan Could Find A Development-First Path To Peace In Balochistan

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 8:47 am | Globetrotter

By Justin Podur / Globetrotter The disappearances and killings of Baloch activists living in Pakistan and abroad under mysterious circumstances have made headlines in recent years. The surge in cases relating to these “ enforced disappearances ... More >>