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Gordon Campbell - Latest News [Page 2]

On National’s Misleading Policy Packaging

Monday, 12 February 2024, 12:27 pm | Gordon Campbell

Truth in packaging can be a political rarity, but the gap between what the Luxon administration says it is doing and what its policies will actually deliver is looking as wide as the Grand Canyon. Is it possible to run a government for three years purely ... More >>

On The Politics As A Morality Play

Thursday, 8 February 2024, 12:49 pm | Gordon Campbell

To a striking extent, the working class vote in Western societies has been going to right wing demagogues, not to left wing social democrats. Even the mainstream parties on the right of the political spectrum are running the risk of being rejected ... More >>

On Tomorrow, And The Spirit Of Moana Jackson

Monday, 5 February 2024, 10:34 am | Gordon Campbell

Since ACT is sponsoring the Treaty Principles Bill, it is understandable that David Seymour should be catching most of the flak being generated by the Bill. National, by contrast, is offering soothing reassurances that the Bill will be allowed to progress ... More >>

On ACT’s Flat Tax Fever

Thursday, 1 February 2024, 12:04 pm | Gordon Campbell

Party on, dudes. Repeatedly, the policy adventures of Christopher Luxon and David Seymour are taking New Zealand back in time to the most excellent year of 2017. According to Chris and Dave, that’s when government spending was being restrained most righteously ... More >>

On Wasting Money On Defence, And Melanie, RIP

Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 9:56 am | Gordon Campbell

On the weekend, the government signalled once again that “ bold” and “brave” decisions were looming on Defence. That’s political code for lavish spending on weapons systems while essential social services are being cut. The rationale for ... More >>

On How Christopher Luxon Is Turning NZ Into A US Proxy

Thursday, 25 January 2024, 11:18 am | Gordon Campbell

How many students can pack into a phone booth? Surely, nowhere near as many as the double standards the Luxon government is packing into its rationale for helping to bomb the Houthis. So outraged are we at the Houthi attacks on maritime trade that ... More >>

On Treaty Principles, And Nikki Haley’s False Dawn

Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 11:18 am | Gordon Campbell

So the government wants to “debate” the principles of Te Tiriti, even though its own Māori Development Minister has been simultaneously assuring us that these principles are non-negotiable. Prime Minister Christopher Luxon appears to be delivering ... More >>

On Charter Schools, And The Ghahraman Blame Machine

Wednesday, 17 January 2024, 12:07 pm | Gordon Campbell

According to Act Party leader David Seymour, if we gave 16 year olds the vote and allowed teachers to teach civics classes in high school, the result would be… Well, let Seymour himself paint the picture: The final recommendations of the independent ... More >>

On The Gaza Genocide Hearings

Monday, 15 January 2024, 12:42 pm | Gordon Campbell

Don’t hold your breath for a final judgement from the International Court of Justice as to whether Israel is, or isn’t, committing genocide in Gaza. Since 2019, the ICJ has been mulling over whether Myanmar has committed genocide against its Rohingya ... More >>

On Biden V Trump, And The Taiwan Election

Thursday, 11 January 2024, 11:28 am | Gordon Campbell

If the allegations against Golriz Ghahraman are found to have substance – or even if they merely result in an official Police investigation – then resignation looks the only option. The Greens brand is based on its claims to hold itself to a higher ... More >>

On Immigration’s Role In The Gaza Carnage

Monday, 8 January 2024, 12:17 pm | Gordon Campbell

If the world was in any doubt about what Israel’s endgame in Gaza might be, this (Google translated) Christmas Day report in the Israeli media made it pretty clear: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed [today] at the Likud faction meeting ... More >>

On Nicola Willis’ Impersonation Of A Finance Minister

Thursday, 21 December 2023, 11:05 am | Gordon Campbell

“ I don’t make merry myself at Christmas, and I can't afford to make idle people merry. I help to support [the poorhouses].... They cost enough, and those who are badly off must go to them.” – Ebenezer Scrooge, in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas ... More >>

On The Government’s Politics Of Nostalgia

Monday, 18 December 2023, 11:46 am | Gordon Campbell

There’s a thin line between “conservative” and “reactionary.” The former strive to retain the best of current practice, while the latter want to pull everything down and revel in memories that have been marinated in nostalgia. Clearly, we’re ... More >>

On The Ferry Follies Of Nicola Willis

Friday, 15 December 2023, 10:59 am | Gordon Campbell

Cook Strait can be one of the roughest stretches of water in the world. Thanks to Finance Minister Nicola Willis, New Zealand is now going to have to rely for the next decade or more on a couple of car ferries leased or purchased on the second ... More >>

On How The State Aims To Dictate What The Unemployed Are Allowed To Buy

Tuesday, 12 December 2023, 11:43 am | Gordon Campbell

At first glance, ACT deputy leader Brooke Van Velden might seem an odd choice to oversee workplace relations. However, if the aim is to atomise workplace relations and reduce them to the level of individual firms and individual workers – just ... More >>

On The Skewed Media Coverage Of Gaza

Friday, 8 December 2023, 11:33 am | Gordon Campbell

Now that he’s back as Foreign Minister, maybe Winston Peters should start reading the MFAT website. If he did, Peters would find MFAT celebrating the 25th anniversary of how New Zealand alerted the rest of the world to the genocide developing in Rwanda. ... More >>

On The Government's Assault On Maori

Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 2:10 pm | Gordon Campbell

This isn’t news, but the National-led coalition is mounting a sustained assault on Treaty rights and obligations. Even so, Christopher Luxon has described yesterday’s nationwide protests by Maori as “pretty unfair.” Poor thing. In the NZ Herald, ... More >>

On The Government’s Smokefree Laws Debacle

Monday, 4 December 2023, 11:36 am | Gordon Campbell

The most charitable explanation for National’s behaviour over the smokefree legislation is that they have dutifully fulfilled the wishes of the Big Tobacco lobby and then cast around – incompetently, as it turns out - for excuses that might sell this ... More >>

On How Climate Change Threatens Cricket‘s Future

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 10:38 am | Gordon Campbell

Well that didn’t last long, did it? Mere days after taking on what he called the “awesome responsibility” of being Prime Minister, M Christopher Luxon has started blaming everyone else, and complaining that he has inherited “economic vandalism ... More >>

On The New Government’s Policies Of Yesteryear

Monday, 27 November 2023, 10:06 am | Gordon Campbell

This column expands on a Werewolf column published by Scoop on Friday Routinely, Winston Peters is described as the kingmaker who gets to decide when the centre right or the centre-left has a turn at running this country. He also plays a less heralded ... More >>





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