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The Largest Coordinated AntiWar Protest In History

Thursday, 20 February 2003, 10:02 am | GreenLeft Australia org

People throughout the world have thronged to anti-war demonstrations on February 14-16 in numbers that even protest organisers thought unimaginable. As Green Left Weekly went to press, it appears, based on conservative estimates, that more than ... More >>

Oz Perspective: Alliance Torn Apart By Afghan War

Wednesday, 28 November 2001, 9:39 am | GreenLeft Australia org

AUCKLAND -- When the New Zealand parliament voted on October 3 to offer Special Air Services troops and other military assistance to the US-led war in Afghanistan and declared that it ``totally supports the approach being taken by the United States ... More >>

Bush’s war threatens millions with starvation

Friday, 26 October 2001, 9:04 am | GreenLeft Australia org

“I don't know whether they are going to eliminate the terrorists or create them. We are not terrorists, they [are] forcing us to become terrorists”, said Kabul resident Mohammed Nabi, referring to Washington's nightly bombing of his country. “After one ... More >>

Green Left: Sharon escalates war on Palestinians

Thursday, 16 August 2001, 8:41 am | GreenLeft Australia org

RAMALLAH — As the intifada enters its 11th month, the scale of devastation wrought by Israel's war against the Palestinian people has reached levels unparalleled in the 33-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. More >>

Papua New Guinea: People rebel against World Bank

Tuesday, 3 July 2001, 8:48 am | GreenLeft Australia org

What started as a peaceful student sit-in against privatisation may yet erupt into a nationwide uprising ... News summary including elsewhere unpublished, primary source eyewitness account and analysis/commentary from PNG movement leader. From Australia's ... More >>

GLW Feature: Israel The Obstacle To Peace

Friday, 8 June 2001, 9:49 am | GreenLeft Australia org

RAMALLAH — The May 15 commemorations here of Al Nakba (the Catastrophe), the anniversary of the 1948 establishment of the State of Israel, held special significance for Palestinians — for not since 1948 itself have the Palestinian people faced such a severe Israeli ... More >>

The Bush cabinet

Friday, 2 February 2001, 11:38 am | GreenLeft Australia org

Corporate crooks and right-wing kooks More >>