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Irish Eyes: A Place Where WeatheryWorries Lap

Friday, 20 July 2001, 9:39 am | Greg Meylan

When we were children there were tidal wave warnings and we had to leave our classrooms and climb up a small hill to just the right height so that when the tidal wave arrived it would lap at our toes but do no more. More >>

Irish Eyes: Another Day Done, But What About You?

Friday, 16 March 2001, 10:17 am | Greg Meylan

Another day of weather then, not such a bad one, a day done, weatherwise anyway. Really there is nothing more to be said about the weather we have had today. More >>

Irish Eyes In Prague: The Calm Before The Storm

Tuesday, 26 September 2000, 9:09 am | Greg Meylan

Scoop’s Irish correspondent Greg Meylan has travelled to Prague to provide coverage for Scoop of the S26 protest actions. The following is his first report. More >>

Irish Eyes: No Topic More Endearing….

Tuesday, 8 August 2000, 3:30 pm | Greg Meylan

You'd have to drag the river of time to find any subject more endearing as a daily topic of conversation than the weather. It beats all others hands down, rain or shine, hail or snow, hot or cold. Writes Greg Meylan. More >>

Irish Eyes: Ireland Is Not Disneyland

Monday, 31 July 2000, 1:42 pm | Greg Meylan

Of course the weather in Disneyland is perfect. It goes without saying that the sun shines brilliantly and the rain only falls in a delightful arc from sprinklers on the bright flowers and not on the happy people queuing. More >>

Irish Eyes: If we all had buckets of money

Friday, 26 May 2000, 9:10 am | Greg Meylan

If the weather were like the banking system when we wanted it to rain we would only have to ask. More >>

Irish Eyes Images: Bicycles In The Liffey

Thursday, 11 May 2000, 10:48 am | Greg Meylan

In Dublin the roads are always full of shiny new cars, driven by the celtic tiger slowly down the quays alongside the river Liffey. But bicycles are so much greener... More >>

Irish Eyes: Weather From The Stars

Tuesday, 15 February 2000, 3:45 pm | Greg Meylan

Pisces: This weeks weather will be damp for pisceans with a rising eye moisture level in the air meaning sorrow will be boundless in the mornings, particularly for those who work. Embrace the sadness, for it is real. More >>

Irish Eyes: Clean By Exhaust

Thursday, 10 February 2000, 9:48 am | Greg Meylan

Isn't technology amazing, or maybe we've seen so much of it it's no longer so exciting, lately Shell Oil have created a wonderful new petroleum product set to make the world a much better place. Yet no one seems very excited. Greg Meylan writes from Dublin. More >>

Irish Eyes: On the Time

Saturday, 8 January 2000, 11:23 am | Greg Meylan

Time, what is it? Like the weather it is something to talk about. And like the weather you have to take it has it comes. And it keeps on coming, at the speed of light. Occasional Dublin Scoop Greg Meylan writes on how to get free bananas. More >>

Shortland St Interrupted For Irish Peace

Thursday, 2 December 1999, 4:52 pm | Greg Meylan

For the first time in 25 years Northern Ireland has taken control of its own affairs with power being devolved from London at midnight local time (1pm Thursday NZ time). More >>

Irish Eyes: Peace The Weather And The WTO

Tuesday, 30 November 1999, 1:39 pm | Greg Meylan

On an historic day for the island of Ireland Greg Meylan looks at what this might mean for the stability of the weather, world trade and explains the processes involved in great detail, before heading off in another direction. More >>

Irish Eyes: The Last Completely Odd Day For Ages

Friday, 19 November 1999, 11:13 pm | Greg Meylan

DUBLIN 19th Novermber 1999: Today is the last odd digit day in your lifetime. Friday, 19/11/1999 is the last time for one thousand one hundred and twelve years that every number in the date is odd. More >>

Irish Eyes: Cloning The Weather

Sunday, 7 November 1999, 3:36 pm | Greg Meylan

Against the backdrop of the latest super computer predictions that we have truly stuffed the world’s climate and should expect a good deal of suffering next century as a result of global warming, Irish Eyes seeks to provide a way of watering the ... More >>

Irish Eyes: Cloning Woolly Mammoths

Wednesday, 27 October 1999, 10:08 am | Greg Meylan

There are some strange fates that can await you in this world. For example you could be walking the frozen tundras of Siberia, with your friends and relations 22,000 years ago, only to find yourself run over by a glacier and frozen solid. More >>

Irish Eyes: News From A Hot Country

Tuesday, 26 October 1999, 12:59 am | Greg Meylan

Irish Eyes has learnt, through being especially vigilant in examining places capitalism has yet to reach, that if Australians vote to become a republic in their upcoming referendum on the matter the government will move to secure a $US12 billion two-year ... More >>

Irish Eyes: Weather On The Inside

Thursday, 21 October 1999, 4:09 pm | Greg Meylan

Irish Eyes is an occasional column from Dublin Scoop Greg Meylan - feedback may be sent to More >>