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11th Hour Bid for Common Sense on Queens Wharf

Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 12:58 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

Auckland Mayor John Banks has welcomed a resolution by the Auckland City Council today to recommit $26 million dollars for a possible revamp of the historic sheds on Queens Wharf. More >>

Liquor Laws Should Not Penalise All

Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 10:06 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Auckland Mayor John Banks has welcomed the Law Commission’s report on the effects of alcohol and has praised it for recommending local communities have a say on where and when alcohol can be sold. More >>

An Opportunity for a Greater Auckland

Friday, 12 February 2010, 11:02 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

This week my opponent committed to spending about a hundred and fifty million dollars, ratepayer dollars, your dollars on two projects – Queens Wharf and Eden Park, for a 6 week long rugby tournament next year. Is that what he thinks is a good use of ... More >>

John Banks Has A Plan

Friday, 22 January 2010, 4:30 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

The sight of thousands of people queuing for just 150 jobs at a Manukau supermarket is proof a Greater Auckland urgently needs a job creation strategy that can help the region fight the recession, says Mayor John Banks More >>

John Banks media conference notes

Sunday, 10 October 2004, 12:35 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

Media conference Notes: Hon John Banks QSO Mayoral office, Auckland Town Hall 3.00pm, Saturday 9 October 2004 More >>

Why won’t Dick front up?

Monday, 27 September 2004, 9:09 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Mayoral hopeful Dick Hubbard is refusing to front up to a much publicised debate tomorrow evening on TVNZ’s Holmes Show – why? More >>

John Banks - 'Getting Things Done' Keynote Speech

Tuesday, 7 September 2004, 4:38 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

While my Russian family enjoyed Father’s Day in Auckland, hundreds of families in the Russian town of Beslan lost their fathers, lost their mothers, lost their children, and lost everything. More >>

Media Advisory: 'Getting Things Done'

Tuesday, 7 September 2004, 2:31 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

The John Banks re-election team invites all media to a luncheon meeting of the Newmarket Rotary Club where Mr Banks will be delivering a keynote address titled 'Getting things done.' More >>

Half hearted response from ginger groups

Wednesday, 18 August 2004, 5:05 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

"I am disappointed that the anti-Eastern Transport Corridor ginger groups don't seem to have the courage of their convictions," Auckland City Mayor Hon John Banks said today. More >>

Commissioners’ time extension okay

Monday, 16 August 2004, 4:20 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

''This is okay news,'' Auckland City Mayor Hon John Banks said today in response to the commissioners offering the applicants, IMG and Auckland City, the opportunity to provide more detailed information about the proposed V8 Supercar street race. More >>

John Banks Speech At Aotea Centre's New Wing

Tuesday, 3 August 2004, 8:18 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Official opening of the upgraded convention wing at the Aotea Centre Auckland Convention Centre at The Edge More >>

John Banks Launches Campaign Website

Monday, 26 July 2004, 9:28 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Speech notes: Hon John Banks QSO Mecca Café – The Chancery 11.00am, Friday 23 July 2004 More >>

Mayor encouraged by better boy racer behaviour

Thursday, 15 July 2004, 12:59 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Former Police Minister, Auckland City Mayor Hon John Banks, believes problems associated with boy racers have been substantially cleaned up over the past three years. He credits his council’s zero tolerance attitude, stronger enforcement, and police now ... More >>

Council told: ''Get the bulldozers rolling!''

Monday, 28 June 2004, 5:37 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

Today’s public forum at the Auckland City Council on the Eastern Transport Corridor heard some strong endorsements and calls for urgent and positive action from affected individuals and groups. More >>

Banks: Dreadlocks equals gridlocks

Friday, 25 June 2004, 9:39 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

Auckland City Mayor John Banks has slammed the Green Party for its opposition to Transfund’s announcement today of $300 million for extension of the western SH 20. More >>

2004 Royal Easter Show Official Opening Speech

Wednesday, 7 April 2004, 11:14 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

In 1843, soon after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, and following the founding of the Auckland Agricultural and Pastoral Association, the first A&P show was held in Auckland. More >>

John Banks Press conference with Geoffrey Palmer

Monday, 8 March 2004, 3:23 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

Auckland City Mayor, Hon John Banks, will host a joint media conference with constitutional law expert and former Prime Minister, Sir Geoffrey Palmer. More >>

No less than a High Court Judge, says Mayor

Monday, 2 February 2004, 4:02 pm | Hon. John Banks QSO

Auckland City’s Mayor, Hon John Banks, said today in relation to the latest claims being made against police: ''These present matters need to be put behind the Police once and for all and this can only happen if the latest round of investigations are ... More >>

Network completion at risk if we don’t get tools

Tuesday, 27 January 2004, 10:13 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

“The goal of completing our transport network with urgency will be at serious risk if we allow long drawn out processes and bureaucratic red tape to stifle the want of the region. I support the CEOs’ work to move the whole package forward,” Auckland ... More >>

Second offender drink-drivers should be jailed

Tuesday, 20 January 2004, 9:37 am | Hon. John Banks QSO

“Until such time as Parliament tells the courts to get really tough on recidivist drink-drivers the debate will remain futile,” Auckland City Mayor Hon John Banks said today. More >>