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Message From Bill English

Thursday, 21 May 2015, 5:58 pm | Hon Bill English

It’s the type of Budget a responsible Government can deliver when it’s following a plan that’s working. More >>

Hon Bill English Budget Speech 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015, 2:43 pm | Hon Bill English

I move that the Appropriation (2015/16 Estimates) Bill be now read a second time. More >>

Plain English: No. 10, 24 August 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011, 1:17 pm | Hon Bill English

The bitterly cold weather of last week has been challenging. It disrupted our communities, closing schools and roads, and causing flights to be cancelled. It hit our rural communities hard at what is the busiest time of the year for our farmers who keep ... More >>

Plain English from Bill English

Thursday, 23 December 2010, 1:23 pm | Hon Bill English

The last few months have been packed with meetings, Parliamentary business, and electorate work. The South has weathered the coldest, toughest spring in a long time. And though the dairy payout is up we are now looking at a dry summer so some rain would be a ... More >>

Plain English - 10 May 2002

Monday, 13 May 2002, 11:16 am | Hon Bill English

This week I gave a speech to the Victoria University School of Public Law setting out a detailed historical argument how the Treaty created one sovereignty and one standard of citizenship. The speech explains the background to British thinking at ... More >>

Plain English - 3rd May 2002

Monday, 6 May 2002, 9:50 am | Hon Bill English

Treaty policy - the challenge There is a real sense of frustration that Labour is moving too slowly to resolve Treaty claims. For all its goodwill and support among Maori, Labour have so far only completed claims where the work was largely done before ... More >>

Plain English 26 April 2002

Monday, 29 April 2002, 10:32 am | Hon Bill English

National's Workplace policy National's policy release programme is now in full swing. This morning I released our Workplace policy, which fits in with the plan to raise our economic prospects I released last week. More >>

Plain English 19/4/2002

Monday, 22 April 2002, 9:37 am | Hon Bill English

Rugby World Cup Today is a sad day for rugby fans like myself. I am hugely disappointed at New Zealand missing out on co-hosting the World Cup, and I know others feel the same. It is not just a game - it is a huge part of our national culture and identity, ... More >>

Plain English 12/4/2002

Monday, 15 April 2002, 10:55 am | Hon Bill English

National is releasing our plans for growing a strong, sustainable economy. This will be a substantial document - a serious plan for lifting our long-term economic prospects. More >>

Plain English

Friday, 5 April 2002, 9:22 am | Hon Bill English

Where was Helen Clark when her Coalition was falling apart? Usually so accessible to the media, she was away making a travel programme and letting Michael Cullen face the hard questions. Next week, she will be overseas again leaving her very, very, ... More >>

Plain English: 28 March 2002

Thursday, 28 March 2002, 4:48 pm | Hon Bill English

Teachers turned out for a dignified silent protest outside Parliament this week. When we were in Government they used to shout! The protest appeared to be a kind of ideological compromise. They are bitterly disappointed in Labour, but still wedded ... More >>

Plain English 22nd March 2002

Friday, 22 March 2002, 5:12 pm | Hon Bill English

At the invitation of the Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens, I spoke to his annual technology conference this week. I made a pitch for New Zealand as a place with small but unexpectedly deep pools of expertise. More >>

English-on-line November 24th

Friday, 24 November 2000, 4:19 pm | Hon Bill English

English-on-line knows something is going on when Tainui can’t agree among themselves to accept $13m from the Government. We can fairly conclude that while people do fight over money, this must be a fight over something far more important than money. More >>

English-on-line November 17th

Friday, 17 November 2000, 11:27 am | Hon Bill English

English-on-line spent a day or two glued to CNN watching the best of the best a political junkie could ever wish for. Politicians who don’t like elections aren’t really politicians. You see elections reaffirm for us politicians that we do matter after all. More >>