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Nutters at the Border

Tuesday, 29 May 2001, 8:55 am | Import News

Hands up those who are against biosecurity. No, I didn't think there would be any. Biosecurity is a no-brainer - everyone agrees on the basic aims. But do they? More >>

Consumers to Subsidise Fisher & Paykel Shareholder

Wednesday, 4 April 2001, 8:48 am | Import News

The government is set to deliver a monopoly of the New Zealand whiteware market to Fisher & Paykel. More >>

Outbreaks of Foot and Mouth and Stupidity

Monday, 2 April 2001, 5:19 pm | Import News

Foot baths for all passengers from Britain and instant deportation of people who do not declare foodstuffs on arrival were suggested by people hitherto suspected of having some intelligence. More >>

The Importers Institute / HSBC 2000 Conference

Saturday, 2 September 2000, 5:37 pm | Import News

You are invited to attend the "Smarter Importing" conference. There is no charge to subscribers of Import News, HSBC clients and their business associates, but we ask you to register by return email - if you have not already done so. More >>

Government Discards Border Review

Wednesday, 30 August 2000, 9:48 am | Import News

Customs Minister Phillida Bunkle and Biosecurity Minister Marian Hobbs confirmed today that border control services will not be merged. More >>

US Embargo Against NZ Sweatshops

Monday, 31 July 2000, 9:05 am | Import News

You can just imagine the scene: The young, fervent idealists arrive in the hall at dusk, after a hard day's work on campus. The co-leader leads them in a rousing rendition of the Internationale then, suitably energised with sympathy for the oppressed workers ... More >>

Duty on Buying Agents' Commissions

Thursday, 27 July 2000, 2:30 pm | Import News

Importers need to take care over arrangements with overseas agents after a Customs Appeal Authority ruling that some buying commissions are dutiable, but others aren't. More >>

Import News: Consultants Bring Home the Bacon

Monday, 17 July 2000, 11:08 am | Import News

Pork producers are finding it difficult to compete against Canadian imports - so they have spent $55,000 on consultants applying for tariff protection. More >>

Import News: Importers Support Fijian Sanctions

Monday, 17 July 2000, 8:41 am | Import News

Exactly one month ago, the Importers Institute opposed the CTU's call for a boycott of trade with Fiji. We've now changed our minds. More >>

Import News: Mark Your Diary Now

Monday, 17 July 2000, 8:37 am | Import News

This year's conference of the Importers Institute will take place in the afternoon of Thursday, September 14 in Auckland. The conference will start at 2 pm and will conclude with cocktails from 5:30 pm. More >>

Import News - Clothing goes global

Monday, 10 July 2000, 8:31 am | Import News

New Zealand will always need an efficient local clothing industry, but it is shooting itself in the foot by continuing to support a tariff on imports. More >>

Waterfront Unions Flex Muscles

Sunday, 2 July 2000, 7:55 pm | Import News

Get ready for strikes on Auckland's wharves on July 10, 11, 17 and 18. More >>

Fiji Cargo Bans From Midday Tuesday

Monday, 19 June 2000, 9:17 am | Import News

A meeting of all unions in Wellington [on 16 June 2000] resolved that the cargo bans foreshadowed at the union meeting on the 1st June will be actioned with effect from midday on Tuesday 20 June 2000. More >>

Trade unions urged to use heads and hearts on Fiji

Friday, 16 June 2000, 11:43 am | Import News

Import News from the Importers Institute 16 June 2000 - Trade unions urged to use heads and hearts on Fiji More >>

Retailers and Parallel Imports

Monday, 12 June 2000, 2:25 pm | Import News

The Retail Merchants Association publishes a magazine called NZ Retail. The June issue includes an interesting article on parallel importing. We reproduce an extract here, with permission. More >>

Bras Come Down But Knickers Stay Up

Monday, 12 June 2000, 9:53 am | Import News

In a move sure to lift the spirits of all New Zealand women, the Government has announced it intends to remove the tariff on imported bras. But, concerned about the unbearable dilemma this will pose for women who want their underwear to match, the Opposition ... More >>

Become a Master of Transport

Wednesday, 7 June 2000, 5:09 pm | Import News

A new paper focusing on the use of the Internet in transport is being offered by Lincoln University - with the help of the Importers Institute. More >>

NZ Dollar Will Be Worth USD0.485 In September

Wednesday, 7 June 2000, 2:18 pm | Import News

Import News from the Importers Institute 7 June 2000 - NZ Dollar will be worth USD0.485 in September More >>

Import News: City of Harbin (China) Trade Mission

Wednesday, 24 May 2000, 5:16 pm | Import News

Import News from the Importers Institute 23 May 2000 - City of Harbin (China) Trade Mission - 15 to 21 June More >>

Shoe Importer Charged $290,000 Back Duty

Sunday, 14 May 2000, 7:56 pm | Import News

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that a shoe importer must pay $290,000 in back duty on buying commissions. More >>