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Air New Zealand: flog it off

Thursday, 22 August 2002, 12:37 am | Import News - Daniel Silva

Import News from the Importers Institute 21 August 2002 - Air New Zealand: flog it off More >>

Import News: Customs Court Cases

Tuesday, 20 August 2002, 10:39 am | Import News - Daniel Silva

The High Court in Auckland and Wellington recently ruled on two cases of valuation and tariff classification of interest to importers. More >>

Import News: Parallel Importing Study

Monday, 9 October 2000, 5:27 pm | Import News - Daniel Silva

A ban on parallel imports of books and CDs will be announced soon, according to National MP Katherine Rich. More >>

Labour Breaks Promise - Importers Pay

Thursday, 30 March 2000, 10:20 am | Import News - Daniel Silva

Dr Cullen confirmed in December that clothing tariffs would be reduced from 19% to 15% in July 2000. Importers who relied on Dr Cullen are now facing substantial losses. More >>

Imports News: Website Changes WWW.SILVA.CO.NZ

Thursday, 7 October 1999, 12:27 am | Import News - Daniel Silva

Have you visited lately? This website is becoming an essential resource for New Zealand importers and exporters. More >>

Import News: Alliance Announces 5% Tariff

Wednesday, 8 September 1999, 10:55 pm | Import News - Daniel Silva

The Alliance today announced that it would impose a five percent tariff on imports, excluding Australian goods. The Alliance Leader, Mr Jim Anderton, said that this measure would be "temporary" but did not elaborate on how long it would ... More >>

Don't Turn us into Irish Component Assemblers

Wednesday, 25 August 1999, 2:32 pm | Import News - Daniel Silva

Bank managers and receivers hear the same story every day: businesses never go under through bad management. They fail because of the competition from cheap imports, or the exchange rate, or lack of subsidies. Not long ago, it was the exchange rate. ... More >>