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Clark's Cheap Tariff Shot

Friday, 17 November 2000, 9:57 am | Importers Institute

Prime Minister Helen Clark fired a blank in Brunei yesterday, trying to look like a free trader to APEC while being a protectionist at home. More >>

Import News From The Importers Institute

Wednesday, 1 November 2000, 3:13 pm | Importers Institute

How would you do business if the New Zealand dollar dropped below 30 cents? Don't be ridiculous! (But didn't you also say that when we predicted that it would drop below 40 cents?) More >>

Importer Loses $764,000 GST

Monday, 9 October 2000, 11:21 am | Importers Institute

The importer cleared container loads of National Geographic magazines, individually wrapped and pre-addressed. The containers went straight from the wharf to New Zealand Post for national distribution through the postal service. The importer never took ... More >>

Why Cullen Must Go

Thursday, 28 September 2000, 9:37 am | Importers Institute

The Minister of Finance must go, quite simply for the same reason that every coach of a non-performing sports team eventually does. More >>

Currency Union The Only Solution

Friday, 15 September 2000, 9:47 am | Importers Institute

Adopting the Australian dollar is the only real solution to New Zealand's economic woes, says John Edwards, chief economist of the HSBC Australia and New Zealand. More >>

Please stick to closing the gaps - Importers

Tuesday, 12 September 2000, 9:52 am | Importers Institute

"Please stick to closing the gaps," Importers Institute secretary Daniel Silva today urged the Prime Minister. More >>

Importers meet as dollar slides

Sunday, 10 September 2000, 10:05 pm | Importers Institute

Amid extreme concern about the dollar's collapse, importers will this week meet for a conference on "Smarter Importing". More >>

Importers Call for Cullen's Head

Thursday, 7 September 2000, 5:31 pm | Importers Institute

"For the good of New Zealand, the Minister of Finance must go," Importers Institute Secretary Daniel Silva said today, as the New Zealand dollar continued collapsed below 42 US cents, its lowest-ever value. More >>

Feedback on Border Review

Thursday, 31 August 2000, 2:20 pm | Importers Institute

We received some interesting comments on the last issue of Import News: More >>

Import News from the Importers Institute

Thursday, 11 May 2000, 3:12 pm | Importers Institute

All previous items from Import News are published on our website, You can search for items by key words, and can give feedback on each one. We welcome your views and will publish them. This issue contains feedback from readers on recent ... More >>

Alliance Cancels Tariff Reductions. Labour rolled.

Friday, 24 March 2000, 3:17 pm | Importers Institute

Tariffs of 19% on clothing and shoes were scheduled to reduce in July to 15%. Mr Anderton has now cancelled that reduction. More >>