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Scoop Image: LA Protests

Friday, 18 August 2000, 2:31 pm | Independent Media Center D2KLA

Selected images from the protests surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. For further coverage of the protests, go to the Los Angeles Independent Media Center . More >>

IMC D2KLA: Breaking News Summary The Streets Of LA

Friday, 18 August 2000, 1:38 pm | Independent Media Center D2KLA

Thursday, August 17th 6:29pm PST - The intersection at Olympic and Figueroa has been cleared. 6:27pm PST - Police and monitors are asking people at Olympic and Figueroa to move out of the intersection and into the protest area. Riot cops are now moving ... More >>

LAPD unleashes horses-pepper spray-rubber bullets

Tuesday, 15 August 2000, 7:33 pm | Independent Media Center D2KLA

On Monday night, a peaceful, festive free show by Rage Against the Machine turned violent as cops finally got to show off all their months of anti-protest training at the Democratic National Convention. More >>