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Obama Kills Two Birds with One Stone | John Chuckman

Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 10:07 am | John Chuckman

Obama has been quoted saying he "takes full responsibility" for the two hostages, one American and one Italian, killed recently in a drone attack. At the same time, Obama praised the United States for its transparency in such matters. More >>

Joy Oh Joy, Hillary is Running - John Chuckman

Wednesday, 15 April 2015, 8:44 am | John Chuckman

Joy Oh Joy, Hillary is Running John Chuckman Yes, there is still bias "out there," as some have written, about an American woman running for President, but I do not believe the bias is decisive: after all, America has broken what surely ... More >>

The Enduring Reality Of Government By Wealth : John Chuckman

Sunday, 5 April 2015, 5:39 pm | John Chuckman

If you really want to understand the world in which we live – its endless wars, coups, interventions, and brutality towards great masses of people – you need to start with a correct understanding of the political machinery at work. Talk of liberal ... More >>

The CIA And America’s Presidents

Friday, 13 March 2015, 3:19 pm | John Chuckman

Many people still think of the CIA as an agency designed to help American presidents make informed decisions about matters outside the United States. That was the basis for President Truman’s signing the legislation which created the agency, and indeed ... More >>

ISIS 101: What’s Really Terrifying About This Threat

Monday, 2 March 2015, 9:57 am | John Chuckman

ISIS certainly is not what a great many people think that it is, if you judge what they think by what our corporate press proclaims incessantly. More >>

The Grand Illusion : John Chuckman

Thursday, 26 February 2015, 11:49 am | John Chuckman

The truth is that the risk of an American being killed by terrorism is close to zero, having been calculated at 1:20,000,000 More >>

How America Screws up the World Letting the US People Know

Friday, 13 February 2015, 9:18 am | John Chuckman

Brian Williams, American television network anchor caught telling his audience a fantasy version of his experience on a foreign assignment, has unintentionally provided us with a near perfect allegory and tale of caution about American journalism and ... More >>

The Origin of Modern Terror and Crumbling Western Values

Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 3:52 pm | John Chuckman

Do you ever solve problems by ignoring them? Most of us would say that is not possible, yet that is precisely what western governments do in their efforts to counteract what is called “Islamic terror.” More >>

The Dark & Unexamined Underside of the Charlie Hebdo Affair

Sunday, 18 January 2015, 4:54 pm | John Chuckman

We hear much about bloody events in Paris being an attack upon western traditions and freedom of the press, and I am sorry but such claims are close to laughable, even though there is nothing remotely funny about mass murder. More >>

This is What War Does : John Chuckman

Wednesday, 7 January 2015, 7:50 am | John Chuckman

A Canadian photographer named Bryan Adams (yes, the rock singer) has done something extraordinary in publishing a book of photographs of what war does to soldiers. More >>

America Stumbles through Another Year, Spreading Chaos

Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 12:48 pm | John Chuckman

The Palestinians are seeking a vote in the United Nations’ Security Council on a resolution favoring their statehood, unquestionably a reasonable proposal in the minds of most of the world’s people. More >>

Harper, Abbott, and Cameron at the Brisbane G-20

Wednesday, 19 November 2014, 4:40 pm | John Chuckman

Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is reported by a spokesman, to have had the following exchange with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during the Brisbane G-20 summit: “Well, I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to ... More >>

What We Truly Learned From the Absurdity of Remembrance Day

Friday, 14 November 2014, 12:42 pm | John Chuckman

No matter what high-blown claims the politicians make each year on Remembrance Day, The Great War was essentially a fight between two branches of a single royal family over the balance of power on the continent of Europe, British foreign policy holding ... More >>

Political Bunraku

Friday, 7 November 2014, 5:22 pm | John Chuckman

For those who are not familiar, Bunraku is an old form of Japanese puppet theater, its distinctive characteristic being that the puppeteers are on the stage with their puppets, dressed in black so that the audience can pretend not to see them. More >>

Some Hard Facts about Terror

Wednesday, 29 October 2014, 2:14 pm | John Chuckman

We are having an outbreak of reports in the Canadian press about “home grown” terrorists, “radicalized” young men of Muslim faith traveling out of the country to participate in extremist groups abroad, a relatively insignificant phenomenon ... More >>

The Conquest of Europe

Friday, 26 September 2014, 12:21 pm | John Chuckman

Russia’s President Putin is reported to have said in a conversation a while back that he could be in Kiev in two weeks. In our press, this was reported as yet more evidence of aggressive intentions, but, given even a moment’s thought, that is ... More >>

Foreign Affairs as Opera Buffa: The Fight Against Isis

Thursday, 18 September 2014, 2:16 pm | John Chuckman

Foreign Affairs as Opera Buffa: The Global Fight Against Isis By John Chuckman 18 September 2014 More >>

Nation of Cowards

Monday, 15 September 2014, 4:53 pm | John Chuckman

What else can you fairly call a people who attack a population of refugees confined to a small space surrounded on every side by fences and machine-gun towers, a population with nowhere to run? No, that is not put strongly enough. Not just attack, but use ... More >>

Penetrating the Darkness Covering Two Airline Disasters

Friday, 5 September 2014, 9:43 am | John Chuckman

PENETRATING THE DARKNESS COVERING TWO MALAYSIAN AIRLINE DISASTERS In each case, there appears to be only one explanation consistent with known facts By John Chuckman 5 September 2014 More >>

Things My Mother Never Told Me

Tuesday, 2 September 2014, 10:16 am | John Chuckman

Despite my title, this is not a memoir, dealing as it does with some of the most deadly serious subjects on the planet. More >>





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