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John Kaminski - Latest News [Page 1]

John Kaminski: Uncle Sam Wants You ... Dead!

Friday, 13 February 2004, 12:46 am | John Kaminski

Do you remember how many U.S. soldiers died in the first Gulf War? On television at the time, they told you it was around 64. Later, as news agencies recalculated the total from a variety of sources, it became 146. But now, some 13 years later, ... More >>

John Kaminski: Levels Of The Game

Tuesday, 2 December 2003, 11:58 am | John Kaminski

Did you know there's a war game played by Air Force types that posits a situation where the United States in the year 2017 conducts a preemptive first strike on China by using a next-generation space shuttle, which swoops down and annihilates strategic ... More >>

John Kaminski: Winking out

Thursday, 4 September 2003, 10:29 am | John Kaminski

An astronomy report I read recently said the universe is getting darker. Stars are winking out, and not being replaced fast enough by new stars being born. The universe getting darker. More >>

John Kaminski: The Lies Of Our Leaders

Tuesday, 17 June 2003, 12:09 am | John Kaminski

President Bush and virtually the entire American power structure lied to the whole world when they said Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that were an imminent threat to the safety of the so-called free world. More >>

John Kaminski: The Bursting Of The Dam

Tuesday, 10 June 2003, 11:36 am | John Kaminski

This is a dream. I am standing in front of a giant dam. The vast expanse of beige concrete stretches across the field of my vision, towers above me. I am dwarfed into utter insignificance. More >>

John Kaminski: The Perfect Enemy

Tuesday, 13 May 2003, 1:10 pm | John Kaminski

The Perfect Enemy Terrorists who can't be caught because they don't really exist or because they're CIA assets. More >>

John Kaminski: Horror In Your Own Home

Tuesday, 6 May 2003, 1:22 pm | John Kaminski

This is a note to parents. You could consider it a warning, but it's really just a congratulatory note, reminding you what you have done to your children, by not paying sufficient attention to the world around you. More >>

John Kaminski: Trapped In A Poison Fog

Wednesday, 23 April 2003, 11:18 am | John Kaminski

We are trapped in a poison fog of patriotism, and don't dare to question the motives and actions of our so-called leaders. America as a country has held us together and gives us a good life in which to prosper and relax. The majority of us do not take ... More >>

John Kaminski: A Prayer For Iraq

Monday, 7 April 2003, 1:53 pm | John Kaminski

If the out-of-control United States war machine wins its "war" against the hapless population of Iraq, it signals a new era of war without end, war without reason as one imagined enemy country after another becomes scheduled for high-tech demolition ... More >>

John Kaminski: Alas, Babylon

Friday, 28 March 2003, 10:41 am | John Kaminski

It would be comical if the very president whose whole pretext for existing was predicated on hyping up the U.S. military to unnecessarily scary levels turned out to be the loser who revealed to the world that American defenses were nothing but disoriented ... More >>

Iraq And Waco: Same Op., Larger Scale — Same End?

Wednesday, 26 March 2003, 10:48 am | John Kaminski

Has anybody but me noticed that this tragic and needless Iraq operation is just like Waco? Most of you remember Waco, that 51-day siege in 1993 in which thugs with badges refused all opportunity to talk to people and figure out what the problem ... More >>

John Kaminski: Open Letter To The American People

Tuesday, 18 March 2003, 10:21 am | John Kaminski

We now face a daunting task. An unpleasant and possibly fatal realization now confronts all of us in our daily lives. Many of our most powerful leaders need to be arrested for numerous and continuing crimes against humanity. More >>

John Kaminski: We Are As Others See Us

Monday, 17 March 2003, 11:01 am | John Kaminski

We are not who we think we are, or claim to be. We are what others say we are, which is why in courts and schools and businesses, we don't accept what people claim about themselves; we ask witnesses, teachers and references. We are who others say we are. More >>

John Kaminski: The Dream In Flames

Wednesday, 12 March 2003, 10:57 am | John Kaminski

Dictator Bush and his wimpy quisling suckups at the New York Times, CNN, and Fox have proved that Adolf Hitler's strategy was right — if you tell a lie enough times it soon becomes the truth in the public mind. More >>

John Kaminski: Thomas Jefferson Calling

Tuesday, 11 March 2003, 9:22 am | John Kaminski

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce [the people] under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their ... More >>

John Kaminski: The "Dead Zone" Scenario

Monday, 24 February 2003, 11:48 am | John Kaminski

These days hang heavy, languid, dreamlike. I imagine how it must have been sitting in a park on the coast of France staring at the gray ocean sky in those dreary days right before World War II. The Nazis had stolen your country and you wondered how ... More >>

John Kaminski: Billions Are Wondering Why

Friday, 14 February 2003, 11:35 am | John Kaminski

Several billion people in the world - including myself - are wondering why: - America is hellbent on destroying its own Constitution. More >>

John Kaminski Fake Terror Alerts

Monday, 10 February 2003, 1:27 pm | John Kaminski

How stupid do they think we are? Only hours after our much-praised Secretary of State is revealed to have been using material plagiarized from a college student to justify why we're going to kill thousands of people with bombs, our government ... More >>

John Kaminski : A Rabid Flock Of Lying Killers

Saturday, 1 February 2003, 11:05 am | John Kaminski

DOES GOD want us to kill innocent Iraqi children? Judging by the apparently unanimous approval in the Senate chamber from all those truth-immune political celebrities watching President Bush's most recent State of the Union address — all of whom are ... More >>

John Kaminski: The Real Terrorist Is George Bush

Monday, 27 January 2003, 11:14 am | John Kaminski

America is frightening the world. The vaunted beacon of freedom has turned into a Ku Klux Klan bonfire. More >>





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