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John Laughland: Fill Full The Mouth Of Famine

Thursday, 29 July 2004, 12:05 am | John Laughland

Perhaps the most striking thing about the news reports that Britain is thinking of sending troops to Darfur in Sudan is the silence on the matter which has emanated from the usual antiwar campaigners. More >>

All News Is Lies: Lights Are Going Out Over Europe

Tuesday, 17 June 2003, 12:01 am | John Laughland

One by one, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are falling into line and voting to join the European Union. In all cases, the pattern is basically the same. More >>

All News Is Lies: Darkest Peru

Tuesday, 3 June 2003, 4:27 pm | John Laughland

At least the foreign investors are happy - or so Allan Wagner claims. The Foreign Minister of Peru was defending the decision, taken on 28th May, to declare a state of emergency in the South American state. More >>

All News Is Lies: Becoming The 51st State

Friday, 30 May 2003, 11:26 am | John Laughland

It beggars belief, but it is true. Last week, a group of influential politicians who inhabit the rarefied but influential world of Washington DC think-tanks proposed that US government officials be given the right to sit in on the European Union's ... More >>

All News Is Lies: A Falling-Out Among Thieves?

Wednesday, 30 April 2003, 2:19 pm | John Laughland

In the middle of the war in Iraq, the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, did an extraordinary thing. He left Washington for a week to undertake a trip to Turkey, to Nato HQ in Brussels and…to Serbia. Can Belgrade really be on a strategic par with ... More >>

All News Is Lies With SRA's John Laughland

Tuesday, 25 March 2003, 9:56 am | John Laughland

Even by the standards of dishonesty which one has come to expect from London and Washington, the eight-month long Anglo-American political campaign against Iraq has been brazen. More >>