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Tube Talk: Kim And Kiefer Keep It Real

Thursday, 25 July 2002, 12:02 am | John T. Forde

Amid the mindless crap generated by politicians during election time, it’s nice to know there are two tireless troupers fighting for good tube time. More >>

Tube Talk: John Campbell’s Angry Inch

Friday, 19 July 2002, 9:39 am | John T. Forde

Like his immovable Ken Doll hairdo, John Campbell’s career seems to defy the laws of gravity. As chief anchor of TV3 News, he defies the norms of other newsreader sock puppets by actually attempting to do political commentary. More >>

Tube Talk: Ozzy And Ruby Serve Up The Trash

Thursday, 11 July 2002, 8:48 am | John T. Forde

Election coverage is undoubtedly the most boring point of the TV year. To compensate, TVNZ have served up a symphony of entertaining trash. And with Sex and the City and starved meerkat Ally McBeal’s now gone, the trash-fest couldn’t be more welcome. More >>

Tube Talk: TV’s New Legal Beagles

Wednesday, 3 July 2002, 2:31 pm | John T. Forde

Like its top-rating programme, Big Brother , TVNZ sees all and knows all. Last week, I was cyber-spanked by TVNZ for incorrectly stating that new lawyer drama The Guardian is on TV3. (It’s on TV2 on Thursdays at 8.30pm, possums.) By way of contrition, I’ll ... More >>

Tube Talk: In search of TV beefcake

Thursday, 27 June 2002, 10:39 am | John T. Forde

Like most swinging Singletons in this city, I’m in search of the perfect companion to ride my Sin Carriage of Love. Unfortunately, since New Zealand doesn’t having a dating culture and men are largely dogs, I’ve been spending more and more time ... More >>

Tube Talk: When Bad News Attacks

Wednesday, 19 June 2002, 9:45 am | John T. Forde

After half an hour of watching Judy Bailey holding back the tears, or reporters shivering as they stand outside Parliament delivering some poorly researched speculation dressed up like a story, even TV2’s inane Big Brother looks like a tempting alternative. More >>

Tube Talk: Carrie On, Sex And The City

Wednesday, 12 June 2002, 2:36 pm | John T. Forde

And oh, how they talk. Blow jobs, funky spunk, vibrators, spanking, bad breath, faking orgasms, rimming, and men who want to date their mothers - you name it, Carrie and the girls have tried, dissected and dissed it. More >>

Tube Talk: Showbiz 'Aint News, TVNZ

Wednesday, 5 June 2002, 2:14 pm | John T. Forde

Let's speak plainly ­- TVNZ's news and current affairs are a joke. Last week's fawning coverage of Bill Clinton's Auckland visit demonstrated just how banal, poorly researched and trashily focused our TV reporting has become. More >>

Tube Talk: Take A Bow, Shortland Street

Wednesday, 29 May 2002, 3:40 pm | John T. Forde

There were many noteworthy events on TV this week – David coming out to his mother in Six Feet Under, Aiden proposing to Carrie in Sex & The City, the unashamed hideousness of Michelle Boag’s teal pantsuits. But the week belonged, appropriately ... More >>

Tube Talk: When Talk Show Hosts Attack

Wednesday, 22 May 2002, 12:38 am | John T. Forde

When it comes to humiliating yourself on television, noone does it better than the British. More >>

Tube Talk: Is The West Wing Losing Its Sheen?

Thursday, 16 May 2002, 9:22 am | John T. Forde

Praise the Lord and pass the broccoli, "The West Wing" has returned! Grandiose, witty and slightly pretentious, "West Wing" follows the workings of the staff of the Oval Office, home of the American President. More >>

Tube Talk: Watch Or Be Watched

Thursday, 9 May 2002, 10:36 am | John T. Forde

Why do we watch reality TV? For the same reason that dogs lick their balls - because we can. And there sure is a lot of it around, possums. "Big Brother", "Temptation Island", "City Beat", that dreadful gardening show with Lyn of Tawa.... ... More >>

Tube Talk: The little strip show that could

Wednesday, 1 May 2002, 4:24 pm | John T. Forde

This is the tale of two new Kiwi TV comedies - both made in Wellington, both pitched at the urban youth demographic, and both currently screening on TV3. One is charming and shows promise; the other one stinks, and will hopefully die a quick ratings death ... More >>

Tube Talk: 24 Reasons To Trust No One

Wednesday, 24 April 2002, 1:25 pm | John T. Forde

Sometimes, television gets so obsessed with being socially responsible, that it forgets one of its primary objectives: to entertain us. More >>

Tube Talk: Tally Ho, Old Trout

Wednesday, 17 April 2002, 1:50 pm | John T. Forde

Like any good Catholic boy, I love funerals. The hats, the flowers, the clenched jaws, and the creeping realisation you’ll eventually die yourself ­ it’s all good. Add the fabulously dysfunctional Royal Family farewelling their gin-swilling queen ... More >>

Tube Talk With John T. Forde - Death Becomes Them

Wednesday, 10 April 2002, 10:40 am | John T. Forde

Royal funerals, Alliance party bitch-slapping, Rhys Morgan wearing denim in The Strip.... This week's TV has truly been a cornucopia of delights More >>

Tube Talk: TV As A Fabulous Freak Show

Thursday, 4 April 2002, 2:48 pm | John T. Forde

Some people think TV is educational. Personally, I think of TV as a fabulous freak show, where we can feed our endlessly voyeuristic desires for trash. More >>