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The Anti-War Movement Faces Off With the DNC

Wednesday, 28 July 2004, 1:23 pm | Les Blough

Since 9/11/01, we have participated in about 30 protests against the latest wars of the ruling class. Yesterday’s anti-war demonstration on Boston Common and our march to the Fleet Center was nothing less than an unparalleled success. More >>

Analysis: Bush Pledge To Give Sovereignty To Iraq

Monday, 31 May 2004, 12:59 am | Les Blough

On what grounds does the Neocon/Bush Regime assume the right to "give" sovereignty to any other nation-state? How can Mr. Bush pledge "complete and full sovereignty" when simultaneously 14 U.S. Military bases are currently under construction in Iraq? More >>

Revolution Is In The Air: It Is Also On The Ground

Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 11:53 am | Les Blough

Recently a man and his wife moved from another city to Boston and contacted me through Axis of Logic. We invited them to have dinner with us in our home. More >>

Les Blough: Ban on Gay Marriage

Monday, 1 March 2004, 1:01 pm | Les Blough

Sometimes, while sitting in my little cabin in the deep woods of New Hampshire, I put one of Tom T. Hall's albums on the stereo and hear this: More >>

Les Blough: At What Price the Bush Wars?

Friday, 13 February 2004, 11:25 am | Les Blough

Two more soldiers were killed in Iraq yesterday and 6 more wounded. We read today an excerpt from an AFP report: More >>

Is US Govt. Capable Of Lying About Saddam Hussein?

Friday, 19 December 2003, 12:41 am | Les Blough

Do you believe the U.S. government is capable of lying to the American people about these important issues? More >>

Les Blough: Iraqi Resistance & Exit Strategy

Monday, 24 November 2003, 1:08 pm | Les Blough

It appears the Iraqi Resistance Forces will continue to badger and attack the occupation forces for as long as the creative properties of the human mind can invent new methods. More >>