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Malcolm Aitken - Latest News [Page 2]

Will Mad Dogs And Englishmen Change Their Ways?

Wednesday, 2 April 2003, 10:06 am | Malcolm Aitken

Will Mad Dogs And Englishmen Change Their Ways? From The Streets Of London with Malcolm Aitken More >>

The British Public Should Have Had A Say On War

Thursday, 20 March 2003, 11:28 am | Malcolm Aitken

Tuesday night’s House of Commons votes paving the way for war didn’t accurately reflect public opinion. On such a vital issue it would be fairer and wiser to let the people decide. More >>

Streets Of London: Smokin' Dude...It Ain't Cool

Friday, 28 February 2003, 11:35 am | Malcolm Aitken

The best way to give up smoking is to never start in the first place…those of us who've done battle with the evilest weed know this. However, on the Channel Island of Guernsey the number of teenagers smoking or intending to was halved over five ... More >>

News Feature: Would Saddam Deploy Chemicals?

Tuesday, 11 February 2003, 1:28 pm | Malcolm Aitken

Utter panic and ugly scenes of death in a Baghdad heavily hit by US aerial bombing. Then, just as US troops have the special republic guard surrounded and move to storm the last citadel, taking out Iraq’s ruling elite, Saddam Hussein detonates a dirty ... More >>

Streets of London: Compulsory HIV and Hep Tests

Friday, 10 January 2003, 12:40 am | Malcolm Aitken

Compulsory HIV and hepatitis tests for potential NHS recruits, with those who test positive becoming ineligible for posts entailing a higher risk of infecting patients, came a step closer last week. Moreover, Britain’s major doctor’s union and a leading ... More >>

SOL: Cherie Blair's Defence Unconvincing

Friday, 13 December 2002, 10:22 am | Malcolm Aitken

Cherie Blair's short televised rebuttal on Tuesday evening vis-à-vis her dealings with convicted fraudster Peter Foster was arrogant, self righteous and demonstrated how little real importance Mrs Blair attaches to exposing and eliminating corruption ... More >>

SOL: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Nears Release Date

Thursday, 28 November 2002, 7:47 pm | Malcolm Aitken

A cervical cancer vaccine with a 100 percent success rate in clinical trials may be widely available in little more than five years. More >>

Streets of London: Scoop Chats With Billy Bragg

Thursday, 7 November 2002, 9:44 am | Malcolm Aitken

English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg isn’t politically backwards in coming forward. Although Billy’s quick to point out he’s also written lots of apolitical tracks, he’s world renowned for his political lyricism and commentary on workers’ rights, ... More >>

Streets of London: Do Mention The War

Wednesday, 30 October 2002, 9:43 am | Malcolm Aitken

Streets of London special: on the Streets of Berlin. Malcolm Aitken speaks with some Berliners about Iraq, Saddam Hussein, war and the Nazis at Tacheles, Berlin’s renowned alternative arts centre. More >>

SOL: Big Brother Spying Extended Via Cellphones

Wednesday, 23 October 2002, 10:56 am | Malcolm Aitken

Imagine government officials "seeing" through walls into peoples’ homes and tracking their every move from hundreds of kilometres away. Yes it sounds like science fiction, but the UK government is reportedly secretly developing this technology today through ... More >>

Streets Of London: Prescribing Pleasure

Tuesday, 8 October 2002, 12:28 am | Malcolm Aitken

Women with problems including major genital damage caused by surgery and birth defects or reduced desire for their partners are being referred to shops sensitive to their needs, the Guardian reported last week. British medical professionals have long debated ... More >>

Scoop SOL Special Feature: UK Country Mobilization

Thursday, 26 September 2002, 11:22 am | Malcolm Aitken

More than 400 000 people marched in central London on Sunday to highlight rural decline in Britain and defend hunting with hounds. Scoop’s Streets of London reporter Malcolm Aitken spoke to several of the participants, and presents the interviews ... More >>

Streets of London: Greedy London

Wednesday, 11 September 2002, 12:43 am | Malcolm Aitken

Londoners consume three times their fair share of the Earth’s resources according to a comprehensive report released yesterday, only days after the Johannesburg Conference on sustainable development. More >>

Streets Of London: Killer Seal Disease Returns

Monday, 9 September 2002, 5:06 pm | Malcolm Aitken

The untreatable killer virus that wiped out two-thirds of the UK’s common seals in 1988 has returned to Britain’s shores says the RSPCA. Forty-nine seals have died since mid July. Although some laboratory tests are pending, experts believe the Phocine ... More >>

Streets Of London: Talking Nukes And Iraq With JC

Wednesday, 21 August 2002, 3:15 pm | Malcolm Aitken

It appears the UK anti-war movement is encouraged, energized and somewhat galvanised by the low support among Brits for an attack on Iraq and for George W Bush: an anti-war demonstration scheduled for 28 September in London is being promoted as Britain’s ... More >>

Streets Of London: The War Against Whatever

Friday, 9 August 2002, 10:23 am | Malcolm Aitken

If the US attacks Iraq again events should be carefully observed by human rights groups, the new International Criminal Court, diplomats, legislators and journalists, really anyone concerned about human rights and international humanitarian law. More >>

SOL: Atomic Kitten To Cover The Tide Is High

Tuesday, 16 July 2002, 11:39 am | Malcolm Aitken

Let it never be said Scoop publishes unsubstantiated rumours? This one’s been well corroborated. More >>

Cannabis Effectively Decriminalised In Blighty

Thursday, 11 July 2002, 2:40 pm | Malcolm Aitken

The possession of cannabis for personal use is to be effectively decriminalised in the UK. More >>

Rik Mayall Defends Nazi Use In Anti-Euro Film

Monday, 8 July 2002, 12:48 am | Malcolm Aitken

British actor Rik Mayall has defended himself against accusations of insensitivity towards victims of the Nazis. More >>

Streets Of London: ‘Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Euro!

Friday, 5 July 2002, 1:28 pm | Malcolm Aitken

An anti-Euro campaign film featuring a mock Adolf Hitler declaring his support for a Europe united under one currency has caused outrage in Britain, particularly angering Jewish and war veterans leaders. More >>





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