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Long-term Unemployed Given Work Or Lose Dole Jolt

Tuesday, 5 August 2003, 10:27 am | Maree Howard

While Labour politicians prance the world's stage lauding New Zealand's human rights record while condemning American for its invasion of Iraq with no UN mandate, at home the Government's new "Jobs Jolt" policy announced yesterday, has flushed ... More >>

Good Citizens Have Had A Stomach Full Of Officials

Friday, 1 August 2003, 10:36 am | Maree Howard

The High Court has been told that thousands and thousands of good law abiding citizens from North Cape to the Bluff, the vast majority of whom have never been to Court, have had a complete and utter stomach full of officials breaching their statutory ... More >>

Howard's End: Justice In Error Is Justice Denied

Monday, 14 July 2003, 10:59 am | Maree Howard

Just how bad can our justice and courts' system be when the Privy Council is overturning Court of Appeal decisions, the High Court doesn't tell people about their right to appeal or how to appeal a judgment, and the District Court in the ACC jurisdiction ... More >>

Howard's End: Lord Steyn Explains A Judge's Lot

Friday, 11 July 2003, 10:13 am | Maree Howard

With public interest increasing over the Government's planned abolition of appeals to the Privy Council, along with signatures being collected for a referendum on the issue, Scoop columnist Maree Howard thinks it is timely to provide readers with an ... More >>

Howard's End: Why Not Train NZ Tradepeople?

Wednesday, 2 July 2003, 10:07 am | Maree Howard

The Government's new 'skilled migrant' policy will tackle skill shortages and should be a major improvement according to Business New Zealand. Is this policy nothing more than a subsidy to New Zealand business too lousy to spend a dollar training ... More >>

Howard's End: How To Have An Indoor Hangi

Monday, 30 June 2003, 10:39 am | Maree Howard

As winter sets in who can resist the wafting aroma of fresh baked bread or the anticipation of eating a casserole which is quietly bubbling away in the oven. But what about the smokey aroma and sensational taste of an indoor hangi without the hole. Maree ... More >>

Maori Customary Rights & William The Conqueror

Thursday, 26 June 2003, 2:07 pm | Maree Howard

As the debate rages across the country over Maori customary use of the sea-bed and foreshore it is well to remember that the basis our land laws is a fiction which started over nine hundred years ago when William the Conqueror stood on a hill in ... More >>

Howard's End: What! Good Service From ACC?

Friday, 20 June 2003, 8:40 am | Maree Howard

The ACC is once again in the public spotlight but this time for all the right reasons which one claimant sees as a significant change in the adverse culture and mindset of the organisation. Maree Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: Mongrel Mobsters Are People Too

Friday, 13 June 2003, 12:10 am | Maree Howard

The New Zealand Herald is reporting this morning that Napier man John Jury, who is a tetraplegic from a car crash 27 years ago is a former Mongrel Mob leader, but painting adverse media pictures does not alter the fact that he suffered an accident, ... More >>

Howard's End: Televised ACC Failures Just The Tip…

Wednesday, 11 June 2003, 12:54 am | Maree Howard

The two ACC failures towards a paraplegic and a tetraplegic reported on TV 3's 20/20 last Sunday and on Holmes last night, are not isolated incidents but are just the tip of an iceberg of systemic failure by an organisation who has responsibility for ... More >>

Howard's End: Seeking 1500 Wrongly Dismissed

Monday, 9 June 2003, 9:35 am | Maree Howard

As the country debates severing links with the Privy Council the hunt is on to find 1500 people whose appeals were wrongly dismissed during years of improper conduct by our NZ Court of Appeal from where judges will be drawn for any new Supreme Court. ... More >>

ACC Claimants Fundraise To Drive Inquiry

Friday, 6 June 2003, 10:18 am | Maree Howard

ACC claimants across the country are running their own fund-raising "Telethon" via the Internet, to gather funds for an independent inquiry after it was revealed by the Sunday Star-Times last weekend that ACC was compiling a list of angry and unstable ... More >>

Howard's End: Milky Booze May Target Kiwi Kids

Wednesday, 28 May 2003, 12:06 am | Maree Howard

Following Scoop's story that US soft-drink giant, Coca Cola, is to launch a milk-based drink in July, comes news that a 5.3 per cent alcoholic milk drink aimed at underage drinkers is to be launched on the South Australian market within two months and it ... More >>

Howard's End: ACC And Miscarriages Of Justice

Tuesday, 27 May 2003, 2:16 pm | Maree Howard

The Transport & Industrial Relations Select-Committee of Parliament decided last week not to hold an inquiry into ACC and so the most outrageous miscarriage of justice continues unabated. Maree Howard writes. More >>

Howard's End: “Too Late Bugger Milk”

Monday, 26 May 2003, 9:17 am | Maree Howard

Soft-drink giant, Coca-Cola, plans to launch a new milk-based drink in July aimed at children and teenagers called "Swerve", but Scoop reckons NZ milk producers should counter-punch and launch a competition flavoured milk product called "Too ... More >>

Electricity ‘Solution’ Devoid Of Imagination

Wednesday, 21 May 2003, 8:04 am | Maree Howard

Howard's End: The Government's solution to the power crisis is so devoid of imagination, of vision, of lateral thinking that you'd think they're still waiting for a feasibility study for the wheel. But then, I'm probably just a silly old woman so what would ... More >>

Howard’s End: ACC A World Leader?

Tuesday, 20 May 2003, 3:07 pm | Maree Howard

The Accident Compensation Corporation is publicly claiming to be "a world leader in personal injury insurance" while some of the largest accident and disability insurance companies in America are now receiving multi-million dollar damages awards and fines ... More >>

Howard's End: Suffering Weight Esteem in NZ

Monday, 19 May 2003, 7:56 am | Maree Howard

New Zealand women are becoming obsessed with their weight with nearly two thirds believing they are overweight, while one-in-three say they have suffered from an eating disorder according to a new survey by 'She' magazine. But first, consider ... More >>

Howard's End: Here’s A QUERTY Idea For You

Friday, 2 May 2003, 10:21 am | Maree Howard

Who knows why the keys on a computor key board are still laid out in the QWERTY arrangement? It's always been that way but does it make sense when leveryone uses a computer that can respond to keystrokes at a rate faster than any human could ever ... More >>

Howard's End Remembering Service Sacrifice Courage

Thursday, 24 April 2003, 10:42 am | Maree Howard

A little over a decade ago, when less than three hundred people gathered at a small cove in a land far away, many said that ANZAC Day would fade as the world progressed and globalisation took over, and yet, tomorrow more than 20,000 mostly young New ... More >>





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