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McGillicuddy Serious Party regurgitates in Ponsonby

Thursday, 2 May 2019, 9:39 am | McGillicuddy Serious Party

New Zealand’s most-sadly-missed political party will be celebrated at a live ‘chat show’ in Ponsonby this Saturday. More >>

Martians To Invade Oamaru On New Years Eve

Tuesday, 25 December 2007, 3:07 pm | McGillicuddy Serious Party

Clan McGillicuddy will be the Martians in a 're-enactment' of The War of the Worlds in the heritage port area of Oamaru on New Years Eve. Alfs Imperial Army will be defending the British Empire from the tripods' evil invasion. More >>

The Secret Alliance With Labour is Over

Friday, 22 July 2005, 11:08 am | McGillicuddy Serious Party

The triennial convention of the real McGillicuddy Serious Party was held this weekend at a secret location under the protection of the elite forces of the NZ Army’s bridge building corp. More >>

McGillicuddy Serious Announces Deregistration

Tuesday, 7 December 1999, 9:17 am | McGillicuddy Serious Party

The McGillicuddy Serious Party today announced it's imminent deregistration as a political party, and total internal dissolution. The party failed to take the cross benches with a total majority, as had been prophesied to party faithful in the year ... More >>

McGillicuddy Serious Party List Announced

Sunday, 7 November 1999, 11:16 am | McGillicuddy Serious Party

The McGillicuddy Serious Party released it's party list the other day, and has seen fit to make public announcement. Party Secretary Bernard Smith has expressed great pleasure in the team the selection committee has got together. "We are delighted ... More >>

McGillicuddies will refocus military training

Tuesday, 19 October 1999, 3:15 pm | McGillicuddy Serious Party

McGillicuddy Serious welcomed NZ First proposals for the reintroduction of compulsory military training. The party said that while the proposals were not party policy, McGillicuddy Serious would engage favourably with the idea in any post-election coalition ... More >>

Competition will sharpen Welfare Providers

Friday, 15 October 1999, 5:47 pm | McGillicuddy Serious Party

McGillicuddy Serious announced plans to restructure income support services to increase provider efficiency by making them responsive to market mechanisms. More >>

Artichoke Board Reform Planned

Monday, 11 October 1999, 6:50 pm | McGillicuddy Serious Party

McGillicuddy Serious announced plans for a total overhaul of New Zealand’s artichoke marketing bodies today. The announcement is part of the party’s flagship agricultural policy. More >>