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Teradata Profitability Analytics Bolsters Profits

Tuesday, 1 October 2002, 8:57 am | NCR Teradata Division

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, has announced the availability of its Profitability Analytics software aimed at bolstering the profitability among mobile communications companies. More >>

Beyond Beer and Nappies

Monday, 5 August 2002, 5:05 pm | NCR Teradata Division

We all know the data mining story about putting the beer next to the nappies but do you know... Whether credit applicants using pen or pencil are more likely to default? Or What's the best way to catch Australian cheats (sorry only off the rugby field!)? More >>

Teradata Wins More Accolades

Wednesday, 19 June 2002, 9:31 am | NCR Teradata Division

On the back of Gartner group announcing Teradata had maintained its leadership position for the third year running it their annual data warehousing survey, Teradata customers have now scooped the 2002 Best Practice Awards - winning 8 of 15 categories. More >>

Teradata Maintains Clear Leadership Position

Monday, 17 June 2002, 3:15 pm | NCR Teradata Division

Teradata Maintains Clear Leadership Position In Overall Data Warehouse Comparisons From Leading Industry Analyst Firm More >>

Leakage A Big Drain On Telco Revenue

Thursday, 6 June 2002, 5:24 pm | NCR Teradata Division

Global telecommunications companies could be losing US$10-25 billion in revenue due to leakage in the use of infrastructure networks. More >>

Teradata To Develop ¡¥E-Motional¡¦ Machines

Thursday, 4 April 2002, 4:40 pm | NCR Teradata Division

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND ¡V If you have ever been frustrated talking to machines that don¡¦t respond, then you will be pleased to know that high-tech, e-motional systems with a human touch may soon be around. They may not be able to talk to you. But they ... More >>

Teradata Introduces Data Mining Accelerator

Wednesday, 3 April 2002, 10:00 am | NCR Teradata Division

Auckland, New Zealand -- Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), introduced Data Mining Accelerator Packages designed to simplify data mining startup and enable businesses to get results in less time. The packages, available in three configurations, ... More >>

Business Impact Modelling Brings Savings

Wednesday, 27 March 2002, 9:54 am | NCR Teradata Division

Business impact modelling (BIM) can bring millions of dollars in savings even before a company invest in an IT project, according to a survey conducted by Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR). More >>

Teradata Defies Market Gloom - Great Local Results

Tuesday, 11 December 2001, 10:15 am | NCR Teradata Division

Teradata Defies IT Market Gloom 35% growth this year provides best results in a decade More >>

Teradata Earns #1 From Gartner Analysts

Thursday, 29 November 2001, 1:18 pm | NCR Teradata Division

This news release includes a quote from Julian Beavis, the New Zealand-based VP for Teradata Australia and New Zealand. Data warehouse customers in NZ include The Warehouse, Manukau City Council and Guardian Trust. More >>

Manukau City Council Lays NCR Teradata Foundation

Monday, 13 August 2001, 1:55 pm | NCR Teradata Division

The local government responsible for one of New Zealand's largest and fastest growing urban centres - Manukau City - has selected the Teradata division of NCR to provide a data warehouse that will consolidate more than 100 individual information systems ... More >>