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The SIS unlawfully targeted Nicky Hager on behalf of NZDF

Thursday, 10 October 2019, 2:14 pm | Nicky Hager

The Acting Inspector General of Intelligence and Security has upheld a complaint by investigative journalist Nicky Hager against the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service for unlawfully attempting to uncover his journalistic sources. More >>

Police repeatedly broke the law while investigating RawShark

Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 10:24 am | Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager welcomes today’s Independent Police Conduct Authority report upholding a complaint by the Green Party. More >>

NZDF's key evidence in Operation Burnham issue

Friday, 28 June 2019, 1:21 pm | Nicky Hager

NZDF's key evidence in Operation Burnham issue is not what it was made out to be More >>

Secret Operation Burnham evidence obtained via US court case

Thursday, 27 June 2019, 3:07 pm | Nicky Hager

A court case using the US Freedom of Information law (FOIA) has led to the NZDF's main secret evidence about Operation Burnham being released. Operation Burnham is the SAS raid that left 21 Afghan civilians killed and wounded in 2010. More >>

Important new information strengthens Hit and Run case

Thursday, 20 June 2019, 10:32 am | Nicky Hager

Hit & Run co-author Jon Stephenson has released new information on the 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan that killed and injured 21 civilians. More >>

Hager welcomes Hit and Run inquiry decision

Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 6:30 pm | Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager has welcomed the announcement today of an independent inquiry into civilian casualties during the August 2010 NZSAS raid in Afghanistan – Operation Burnham – the subject of the 2017 book Hit and Run. More >>

Defence admits raid was located in same area as described in Hit and Run

Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 1:13 pm | Nicky Hager

Defence Force admits SAS Afghan raid WAS in the same location as events in Hit and Run More >>

NZDF Had Reports Of Civilian Casualties After SAS Raid

Monday, 19 February 2018, 10:48 am | Nicky Hager

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) received intelligence updates within one or two days of the August 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan that reported civilian casualties, including the death of a child, new Official Information Act documents reveal. This ... More >>

Hit and Run author responds to inquiry decision

Tuesday, 4 April 2017, 9:06 am | Nicky Hager

“In the past two weeks since Hit and Run was published there have been calls for an independent inquiry from New Zealanders from all sides on the political spectrum. It is disappointing and concerning that Bill English has refused.” More >>

Complaint on story published by the Herald and NewstalkZB

Friday, 31 March 2017, 3:01 pm | Nicky Hager

Notice to media: Please take note of the following complaint on a story published by the Herald and NewstalkZB More >>

Location confusion must not detract from civilian casualties

Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 3:06 pm | Nicky Hager

Location confusion must not detract from civilian casualties, a dead girl and serious breaches of defence force rules More >>

Hit and Run authors reply to NZDF: The cover up continues

Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 12:23 pm | Nicky Hager

An analysis of the New Zealand Defence Force response to the book Hit and Run More >>

Hit and Run authors say latest NZDF denials incorrect

Monday, 27 March 2017, 11:35 am | Nicky Hager

Hit and Run co-authors Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson stand by the facts in their book. They say the NZDF response to the book issued on Sunday night is bizarre and a continuation of seven years of cover up. It seems, they said, to be nothing more ... More >>

Hager-Stephenson book on tragic SAS actions in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 5:38 pm | Nicky Hager

Author and investigative journalist Nicky Hager and war correspondent Jon Stephenson have teamed up, in a book released today, to tell the story of a dark and guilty secret of New Zealand's recent history. The book is about what the New Zealand military ... More >>

Nicky Hager files further proceedings against the Police

Tuesday, 5 April 2016, 3:04 pm | Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager has filed further proceedings in the High Court against the New Zealand Police. More >>

Statement by Nicky Hager on police seizing property

Monday, 6 October 2014, 4:30 pm | Nicky Hager

On Thursday, 2 October, five police arrived at my home with a warrant to search and seize property. I was in Auckland at the time for two days of lectures at the University of Auckland. The police spent over ten hours searching the house and removing property ... More >>

Release of Nicky Hager's new book: Other People's Wars

Thursday, 1 September 2011, 12:26 pm | Nicky Hager

Release of Nicky Hager's new book: Other People's Wars: New Zealand in Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terror More >>

Nicky Hager Welcomes Police Findings

Wednesday, 16 April 2008, 12:12 am | Nicky Hager

Author Nicky Hager welcomed the findings of the Police investigation into the National Party e-mails and other documents that formed the basis of his book, The Hollow Men. Former National Party leader Don Brash had laid a complaint with the Police claiming ... More >>

Nicky Hager: How To Decide Who Is A Terrorist?

Tuesday, 6 November 2007, 3:52 pm | Nicky Hager

The Solicitor-General will shortly make a decision whether to approve terrorism charges against the Maori, peace and environmental activists arrested last month. Nicky Hager describes how the decision will be made and the factors the Solicitor-General needs ... More >>