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On The Right: What Will, Won’t And Might Happen

Tuesday, 19 December 2000, 9:30 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

Well, here it is. My last column for Scoop, at least for the time being. As you read this, I will be preparing to leave Auckland, my home for the last four weeks, and going back to Nelson for a long summer consisting of swimming, scallops, and Student ... More >>

On The Right: Reasons For Leaving

Tuesday, 5 December 2000, 9:16 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

It's one of those days, when you'd rather be out enjoying the Auckland sun listening to 'Take No Prisonerz' on CD than being stuck behind a computer. But stuck here I am, at least for a couple more weeks. You see, I have decided that December 19 will ... More >>

On The Right: Confessions Of A Misspent Youth

Tuesday, 21 November 2000, 9:19 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

Okay, a confession: I was once Nelson’s representative at a nationwide Labour Youth conference. More >>

On The Right: A Tale Of Two Ruths

Tuesday, 7 November 2000, 9:59 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

There has been quite a bit going on this week in the wonderful and wacky world of politics. Lot’s of interesting events. However I’ve been busy doing my exams, so forgive me if I don’t know any of them. Therefore this issue of On The Right is more ... More >>

On The Right: The Purple Antelope Test

Tuesday, 24 October 2000, 9:43 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

All right, a quick quiz. Hands up those of you who think this Government is a firm believer in democracy and the right to free speech, no matter what your beliefs. More >>

Mike Heine: Ghost Of Milosovic Enters PM's Body

Tuesday, 10 October 2000, 10:21 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

Isn’t it funny how at the same time Yugoslavia overthrows its crazy dictator, Helen Clark decides to become even more autocratic? Has the ghost of Milosevic entered Clark’s body? More >>

On The Right: Ugh...

Tuesday, 26 September 2000, 3:58 pm | On The Right - Mike Heine

Ugh. With the Olympics dominating the headlines all last week, there has been very little happening in the political world worth writing about. Or if there has, I’ve been too busy watching the Olympics to take any notice. More >>

On The Right: Strange Melbournian Matters…

Tuesday, 12 September 2000, 5:04 pm | On The Right - Mike Heine

Okay, before I write anything else, let me get this off my chest. Winston Peters promoting Choysa?! Mind you, Mark Todd was the face of Bell Tea for a number of years. Before we know it, the Unabomber will be on screen endorsing Tiger Tea. More >>

On The Right: Colonisation and Child Bashing

Tuesday, 29 August 2000, 12:43 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

It is a little-known fact that the colonisation of this country in 1840 is the reason why a disproportionate number of Maori men beat their wives and kids. So little known, in fact, that even abusive Maori men do not know it. More >>

On The Right: Things The OUSA Gave To Me

Tuesday, 15 August 2000, 9:15 am | On The Right - Mike Heine

Well hopefully by now the whole Employment Relations Bill saga is over, and we can get on with the business of repealing it. However I have other things on my mind this week, and chief among them is the activities of my Student Union in Otago. More >>

On The Right: George Speight's Demise Cheers

Tuesday, 1 August 2000, 7:23 pm | On The Right - Mike Heine

A couple of weeks ago, that Helen Clark threatened to resign if her boy Parekura Horomia wasn't promoted to Cabinet. Unfortunately Labour didn't take the opportunity presented, and Horomia was duly elected. More >>

On The Right: Who Is The Worst Minister?

Tuesday, 18 July 2000, 1:49 pm | On The Right - Mike Heine

Last year, while in opposition, the Alliance website ran a poll asking us who the worst Minister in the Government was. In the unlikely event they ran the same poll now, my answer would be, without a doubt, Matt Robson. More >>


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