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Reaction To WTO TRIPs Waiver "Outcome”

Thursday, 5 May 2022, 10:57 am | Oxfam

Responding to the WTO’s published ‘outcome’ of negotiations over a waiver of Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS), Max Lawson, Head of Inequality Policy for Oxfam and co-chair of the People's Vaccine Alliance, said: "This ... More >>

Significant Number Of Moderna And Pfizer Shareholders Support Vaccine Technology Transfer

Saturday, 30 April 2022, 5:17 am | Oxfam

An Oxfam resolution before Moderna shareholders received 24% of the nominal vote, or 29% of the independent vote factoring in the 17% of the vote share owned by the company's directors and senior executives. A similar resolution before Pfizer shareholders ... More >>

“Terrifying Prospect” Of Over A Quarter Of A Billion More People Crashing Into Extreme Levels Of Poverty

Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 5:53 am | Oxfam

Over a quarter of a billion more people could crash into extreme levels of poverty in 2022 because of Covid-19, rising global inequality and the shock of food price rises supercharged by the war in Ukraine, reveals a new Oxfam brief today. “ First ... More >>

Ukraine Crisis Propelling Hunger In Syria

Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 11:21 am | Oxfam

Eleven years after the Syrian conflict began, six in ten Syrians do not know where their next meal is coming from, said Oxfam today. It warned that reliance on imports from Russia means the current crisis in Europe could ripple into Syria, exacerbating ... More >>

EU Countries Fall Short Of Their Promises To Stop Tax Havens

Friday, 25 February 2022, 8:01 am | Oxfam

Today, European ministers updated the EU’s list of tax havens . The update added no countries to the blacklist and 10 countries to the greylist. In response, Chiara Putaturo, Oxfam EU’s tax expert, said: “A year ago, Open Lux uncovered the secrets ... More >>

Pharma Calls For WHO Vaccine Hub Project To Be ‘terminated’

Friday, 11 February 2022, 9:47 am | Oxfam

An article in the British Medical Journal and Die Welt, published today, has found that the KenUP Foundation - acting as a consultant on behalf of BioNTech – have been pushing South African manufacturers not to get involved the World Health Organisation ... More >>

Failure To Vaccinate The World Created Perfect Breeding Ground For Omicron, Say Campaigners

Monday, 6 December 2021, 11:11 am | Oxfam

A year since first Pfizer vaccine given, Sub-Saharan Africa has only received enough doses to fully vaccinate 1 in 8 people Campaigners from the People’s Vaccine Alliance say the refusal of pharmaceutical companies to openly share their vaccine science ... More >>

Winter Is Coming: Afghanistan Faces Multiple Crises

Monday, 29 November 2021, 8:34 am | Oxfam

ActionStation, Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand, Christian World Service, Oxfam Aotearoa and World Vision New Zealand say that while Afghanistan faces chronic poverty, persistent droughts, war, the Covid-19 pandemic and an economic crisis, ... More >>

Action Against Gender-based Violence Being Pushed To The Outlying Margins Of The Global COVID-19 Response

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 11:13 am | Oxfam

A new Oxfam report shows an undeniable increase in gender-based violence (GBV) during the COVID-19 pandemic around the world to which too many governments and donors are not doing enough to tackle. The report, The Ignored Pandemic: The Dual Crisis of ... More >>

Pfizer, BioNTech And Moderna Making US$1,000 Profit Every Second While World’s Poorest Remain Largely Unvaccinated

Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 9:39 am | Oxfam

New figures from the Peoples Vaccine Alliance reveal that the companies behind two of the most successful COVID vaccines – Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna – are making combined profits of US$65,000 (NZ$92,000) every minute . The figures based on the ... More >>

Oxfam’s Verdict On The COP26 Outcome

Sunday, 14 November 2021, 5:59 pm | Oxfam

“Clearly some world leaders think they aren’t living on the same planet as the rest of us. It seems no amount of fires, rising sea levels or droughts will bring them to their senses to stop increasing emissions at the expense of humanity. “Punishing, ... More >>

Carbon Emissions Of Richest 1% Set To Be 30 Times The 1.5°C Limit In 2030

Friday, 5 November 2021, 7:44 pm | Oxfam

Footprints of poorest 50 per cent set to remain well below this limit The carbon footprints of the richest 1 per cent of people on Earth is set to be 30 times greater than the level compatible with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement in 2030, according ... More >>

Oxfam Aotearoa Reacts To Government’s $1.3b Commitment To Tackling Climate Change

Monday, 18 October 2021, 9:07 am | Oxfam

Today's announcement is a fantastic outcome for communities on the frontlines of climate change, Oxfam Aotearoa Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier said in response to the $1.3 billion the Government has promised in climate finance over the next ... More >>

Oxfam Aotearoa Says Government Not Grappling With Urgency Of Climate Breakdown

Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 1:28 pm | Oxfam

The Emissions Reduction Plan is a hodgepodge of responses from Ministers, some of whom appear to not be grappling with the very real urgency of climate breakdown, says Oxfam Aotearoa Campaign Lead Alex Johnston. “Taking nine months to come up ... More >>

The Food System Summit Failed Hundreds Of Millions Going Hungry Everyday – Oxfam Reaction

Monday, 27 September 2021, 12:47 pm | Oxfam

In reaction to the United Nations Food Systems Summit which was held over the past two days, Thierry Kesteloot, Oxfam’s food policy advisor said: “The Food Systems Summit has failed hundreds of millions who are going hungry every day, by offering ... More >>

Third COVID Wave Engulfs Yemen With 99 Per Cent Of People Unvaccinated

Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 9:57 am | Oxfam

Yemenis are battling a third wave of COVID, which threatens 99 per cent of the population who are unvaccinated, Oxfam said today. Recorded cases of COVID have tripled and the death rate has risen by more than fivefold (420 per cent) in the last month. ... More >>

Jeff Bezos Flies To Space Thanks To Backwards And Corrupt Tax System

Monday, 19 July 2021, 10:09 am | Oxfam

In response to Jeff Bezos’ scheduled space flight, Robbie Silverman, Senior Advocacy Manager for Oxfam America made the following statement: “Jeff Bezos’ 11-minute thrill ride to space is an insult to the millions of people here on planet Earth ... More >>

Response To The News That The Number Of Global Deaths From COVID-19 Has Now Passed 4 Million

Friday, 9 July 2021, 10:53 am | Oxfam

R esponding to the news that the number of global deaths from COVID-19 has now passed 4 million, Anna Marriott, Oxfam’s health Policy Manager and spokesperson for the People’s Vaccine Alliance, said: “This is a horrific milestone and each one of ... More >>

OECD Inclusive Framework Agrees Two-pronged Tax Reform And 15 Percent Global Minimum Tax: Oxfam Reaction

Friday, 2 July 2021, 4:19 pm | Oxfam

Responding to the announcement today that the OECD Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) has agreed to push ahead with the two-pronged global tax reform deal and set a global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent. Dr Jo Spratt the ... More >>

Oxfam Reacts To LCANZI Announcement

Friday, 2 July 2021, 1:02 pm | Oxfam

  Lawyers for Climate Action (LCANZI) announced that they will be taking the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and Climate Minister James Shaw to the High arguing that the CCC’s report did not recommend climate action consistent with New Zealand's ... More >>