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Christchurch Response To War Against Iraq

Thursday, 27 February 2003, 1:31 pm | Peace Action Network

Christchurch Response If Outright War Against Iraq Commences The people of Christchurch will gather in Cathedral Square 5-30 pm on the day they hear of such an attack. They will stand silently near the Chalice until the clock chimes 6pm. This will signal ... More >>

Activists To Inspect Christchurch US Military Base

Thursday, 27 February 2003, 12:38 am | Peace Action Network

A Citizen's Weapons Inspection Team plan to conduct an inspection of the US Airforce base at Christchurch Airport (Harewood) on Sunday March 2. More >>

Christchurch march against war on Iraq

Wednesday, 15 January 2003, 2:52 pm | Peace Action Network

Supporters of peace will be gathering outside the Canterbury Museum at 1:30 PM this Saturday (January 18). More >>

Peace Action Planning Meeting

Monday, 6 January 2003, 11:03 am | Peace Action Network

A meeting of people interested in organising a peace march is to be held in Christchurch. More >>